Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thieves Looting Banks Directly Now Worldwide

Bankers going bankrupt, that cannot be permitted although it has been a normal part of the business cycle for thousands of years

It's a little pain now for some or major pain for all. Wise leaders know the former is preferable. You do not protect fools from their own folly and shoring up private banks with public funds is madness.

New Zealand now to get in on the heist action with direct withdrawals from accounts that they are trusted to guard, not trusted to loot.

Tax money is not enough for them. Governments are just going to start ripping people off by making direct withdrawals from their accounts. Historically this will cause a run on the banks, of course.

Common sense in short supply in governments worldwide. Manboons are not learning animals.

Always trying to arch one eyebrow and act cool, like they know what they are doing. Buffoons. If they knew what they were doing, what in the hell would they be doing working for the government?


iese_83 said...

It would be surprising if they didn´t do that. The ultra rich will probably be left alone.

hitfan said...

Alex Jones and Gerald Celente were right all along. The only fault I find with them is that their previous predictions were too optimistic in hindsight.

KW Jackson said...

Yet another reason to get into crypto-currency. No centralised regulatory "authority" to steal your money. It really is the biggest game-changer since the internet itself. Money that no-one owns and is fully transparent (the transaction records for balance; the block-chain).