Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Triumph of Feminism

It is truly creepy what is happening out there. Really disturbing.

Is this a snap reflex from population pressure that is millions of years old? Did a melonhead add this to ass monkey genes in order to make sure they would be self-limiting? Would not surprise me a bit.

Seriously, lately I have been getting a "Screwfly Solution" vibe ... not just on this blog, but from the whole internet. Where is all this stuff coming from, fellas?

It is weird. It seems the real aggression here is not fed by the struggle against the masculination of women but rather the effeminization of men. It is downright eerie and feels odd.


The Observer said...

Hey, the fems told us for 50 years we were rapists, we were beasts, we were violent and monsters, and the majority of the ladies all supported them, implicitly or otherwise.

Some of us just snapped earlier and figured if we're treated like beasts all the time, we might as well act like them.

As again, no sympathy for "strong and independent" manboon women. Bed made, they can lie in it for all I care.

JeffreyJerpp said...

I wonder if this isn't an "apocalypse trifecta" style of converging factors leading to a total breakdown in gender relations. That is, perhaps the synthetic estrogens, cultural backlash against feminism, moral collapse, etc. have all coincided with the subconscious mental responses triggered by changing magnetic fields as part of the end of a civilization mega-cycle of some kind.

Another thing I wonder is if, particularly among higher IQ guys with more neanderthal genetics, the sting of being rejected by the opposite sex when they are younger is far deeper than it would be for normal "people" (of the crotch grabbing variety). You've mentioned on this blog before that social rejection is likely to be much more frequently directed at 'thals, and also impact far more greatly, since it could trigger the "long walk" circuitry. Similar to Abramoff as a con-artist, I think most of the best pick up artists are 'thal guys (and their compelling, trustworthy blue eyes) who got scarred early on and look for psychological reassurance later via female attention.

Additionally (sorry I am rambling here), the synthetic estrogens and pervasive soy mean that in addition to turning into useless lady-boys, guys actually desire women considerably less than they used to. I've seen that, in the same way that gay men are vaguely bitchy to their female coteries, straight men no longer look for fertile/nurturing feminine characteristics in women, and disdain them as weaker versions of men. I graduated from an "elite" University two years ago, and remember alums coming back to find their fraternities, formerly full of virile and enterprising caucasian men, multicultural mango smoothie factories populated by self identified male feminists. My conclusion was that something had gone terribly wrong, thank god vault-co is around to explain it all.

Max said...

It is a sign of the times. But since "there are no differences betweeen the sexes" you can not say that the men are responsible. They are just emulating female psychology after society depriving them of their own function. Apparently they are better at being women than women themselves are. At the core of the female lies the viscious "Kali" black destructive force. A cleansing of the earth. And yes you are correct that it was inevitable regardles of who or what it is attested to. Sapiens females themselves has a fascination for rape and violence which awakened in males. The demonic spirits manifestated, the feminists must be happy now, no men remains and the abyss is getting closer.

Lugh said...

On the smaller scale, the guy in the article is right: women are natural totalitarians - can't stand having to hear anything they don't agree with. They do close down discussions, they do fight as a pack, and fairness is just something to recieve not give. So men are realizing this - realize that the proposed gender utopia was never a possibility, but only a nightmare.

And few women can debate anyway since they are don't know why they believe what they believe. To them, a debate is just an argument. I said to a woman: Some believe Shakespeare was really a Catholic Nobleman. She took this to mean that some thought the actor Will Shakespeare was really a Catholic Nobleman - something that no one has ever said or believed. It's amazing how fast and how much a woman can distort a simple statement.

Chris from Sydney said...

"Men with wide faces are more likely to express racially prejudice views, according to US research.

Past studies have shown facial width-to-height ratio (fWHR) is associated with testosterone-related behaviours, which some researchers have linked with aggression."

"The researchers asked male participants about their willingness to express racially prejudiced beliefs and about the pressure they feel to adhere to societal norms. The results revealed those men who have higher fWHR (determined from photos of their faces) are more likely to express racist remarks and are less concerned about how others perceive those remarks."

Then we get pure gold
"Results from a second study suggest that observers actually perceive and use the facial width-to-height ratio when evaluating another person's degree of prejudice.

Looking at the photos from the first study, a new group of participants evaluated men with wider, shorter faces as more prejudiced, and they were able to accurately estimate the target's self-reported prejudicial beliefs just by looking at an image of his face."

Texas Arcane said...

Chris From Sydney -

Neanderthals hated Homo Erectus with a passion and it is obvious why. He was always straying off his land and into theirs.

You could draw an imaginary 1-inch line through Europe and I can show you where as long as a Homo Erectus stayed on the southern/western side of that line, they had nothing to fear. Step one inch over that line, a Neanderthal would fold their skull down into their ribcages and their legs like accordions.

You find intact Homo Erectus on one side who died of old age, on the other side assisted suicide.

ray said...

It seems the real aggression here is not fed by the struggle against the masculination of women but rather the effeminization of men. It is downright eerie and feels odd.

that "article" (authored by the Victim Herself LOL) was the shoddiest and crudest piece of fem-prop i've seen in forty years . . . complete with multiple, breathless references to how poor feminism has gotten a "bad rap recently"

thats like goebbels complaining about air quality downwind of the camps

the agit-prop was so obvious in that piece of, uh, journalism that, oh deah oh dear, they "couldnt possibly accept comments" for, you know legal reasons LOL!

yeah, reasons, like half the audience would have slammed the door on their ideological bullshit

sounds to me like missy and massa be gettin' some fractious 'bout the plantation waking up

it's about time, too

84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194 said...

There's always been gender-based pay discrimination in the workplace; it's just the absolute opposite of what most people believe. The fact is, women get paid the same for LESS work due to gender discrimination. In some cases, women also get paid MORE than men for the same amount of work.

I'll give you the holy grail of examples. Male and female tennis players receive equal prize money in grand slam tournaments, despite the fact that men play best of five set matches while women play best of three.

Now imagine this commonplace scenario in a grand slam final: two male players duke it out over a five set match, while the women's final goes for its maximum three sets. This means the women have played only three-fifths the amount of tennis that the men have played (60%). And the prize money is equal...


In the 2012 Australian Open, Victoria Azarenka received $2.3 million for winning the women's singles title. In doing so she played a total of just 15 GAMES in 7 tennis matches.

The men's 2012 Australian Open champion was Novak Djokovic, who also received $2.3 million but played 55 GAMES in 7 tennis matches.

These kind of disparities are an outrage. Male players are clearly working harder than the women and therefore deserve more money. This is also disenfranchising for the crowds who pay to watch these events because it will artificially inflate ticket prices as female athletes are being paid a disproportionately large sum of prize money (compared to male athletes) in relation to to the amount of revenue that they are actually generating for tournament organisers.

Now obviously the above is only a specific example in a professional sport. BUT I assure you that this same principle (women getting paid more for the same amount of work, or the same for LESS work) is actually apparent in MANY PROFESSIONS AND MANY FIELDS. Other fields where I have been exposed to this FIRST HAND are the police force and the military.

The whole concept of men being paid more is nothing but a feminist fairy tale.

84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194 said...

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KW Jackson said...

This is a symptom of of the splitting in Western peoples. Women have hatred of male power, after being convinced raising children was a form of slavery, on top of white guilt. They need pride again just like men. That requires education. Educate the women. The state will never be a husband or father. It can only solve problems with violence which is exactly what the feminists claim they are "escaping" through emancipation.