Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Grand Minima Approaches

Told you. Ten years in advance. You heard it on Vault-Co first. We were the first people to realize Robert Felix was right.

Look to your right on this web page. Holocene is over on this planet. When the Holocene comes to an end, everything on this planet goes haywire including magnetic reversal/excursion. You could set your watch to the 11,500 year intervals.

I have returned to saying Grand Minima, not a Dalton Minimum. This is a Grand Minima. It's the peak of a peak of a peak in warming trends on a planet that is naturally cold most of the time.

The social structure of Britain is based on a climate framework that no longer exists. It is a lot of aging pensioners in flats heated by just-in-time deliveries of fuel oil and fed week-to-week by the local shops. We're not talking shortages like during the war. We're talking absences, like during never. When this highly contrived supply line breaks down, things will go to hell quicker than you can snap your fingers. Imagine the brilliance of importing more than 25% of your citizens from the third world shortly before this Ice Age arrived. Forget about Britain, the future is nothing but babies, the other white meat and complete anarchy in a freezing tundra that will have established itself as the world's largest graveyard.

This warming trend is what made the rise of Homo Sapiens civilization possible. Otherwise he is in no way suited for the naturally colder environment that endures on the planet. After killing the Neanderthal it is like God turned on a space heater so that the Saps could flourish and enjoy their grasshopper summer for a short stretch. The additional solar energy powered the agricultural revolution that otherwise could not have happened. Saps is not genetically equipped to survive tougher conditions long term. He's a weak sister mentally and not very good at problem solving.

My theory is that first the Sapiens misfired when it took Neanderthal females as war captives. The melonheads may have realized that the experiment was getting outside the petri dish. Bam! The agricultural revolution fuels an incredible population boom and the normally simpleminded ass-monkeys are packing Neanderthal weaponry, domesticated animals and have stolen 300 cc of brain mass. (Temporarily, until their breeding practices begin to lose it.) The pharoahs and rulers find themselves surrounded by huge numbers of difficult to control ass-monkeys who are unbelievably aggressive and warlike. Thousands are born each year who have never heard the voice of a melonhead master and the melonheads become a dwindling, weak strain of mankind driven into exile and overturned in their rules wherever you look. In all the corners of the earth we see these rulers desperately resorting to political strategems including hiding their control in the shadows so it cannot excite resentment. The melonheads become "those who wish to remain nameless" and "those who cannot be challenged." They have to concentrate on building wealth and exerting control indirectly through financial lending to the ass-monkeys, who are very similar to diversifiers in that they are always willing to borrow for short term gains. Only through these means can the new pharoahs control their former slave classes, even indirectly. The Scythians, the Khazars, The Hyksos give rise to the Hapsburgs and the Rothschilds. The pharoah can no longer wave his sceptre around and say, make it thus. He has to act through intermediaries and leveraged power.

Everybody is trying to call it now.

The looks I used to get a couple years ago. Talking about the swift return of a new Ice Age within a few short years, not millennium. You have to be careful when you're like me. Some surroundings, you talk like this you could get yourself committed ... and they probably wouldn't let you out even if they discovered later you were right all along.

I recommend Robert Felix's books, both of them. Any fair treatment of these books would conclude Mr. Felix earned himself a Nobel Prize. Any fair treatment at all. The absolute clowns they award Nobel prizes to nowadays are not bright enough to crawl on top of a step ladder and kiss Robert Felix on his ass, seriously. Even rarer is to find a great autodidact is also a great writer who makes the information accessible for his readers. Robert Felix is both a great scientific thinker and a superb writer.


Ave said...

About the Neanderthal theories, I fear that they could backfire once they become popular.

In the book I'm currently writing, I made a short example to show how people (especially of the "Sapiens" variey) could misuse them as yet another source of bigotry and intolerance.

Excerpt from chapter 35, end of page 2 and start from page 3.

"In the first week of presence, Janice said that Jennifer and herself were true Neanderthal types, that were superior human beings, as it could be read on the internet, whereas Norman was typically a Cro-Magnon and thus merely an imitator of the Neanderthal's true intelligence. The few tricks he had were coming from his mother's side. When Norman asked how she knew she was Neanderthal, it all boiled down to the fact that Neanderthals were supposed to be redheads, just like Jennifer and herself.

Norman made a simple diagram showing the logical fallacy of her conclusion, but she didn't want to admit any of it. Norman hesitated between two possibilities : either she was so convinced to be right that she didn't even need to check, or she was unable to understand his drawing in the first place."

flatworldinquirer said...

An ice age huh? I live in sweden and we should have green grass and the first flowers by now. Instead each morning i get to freeze my face off and watch new snow falling like a mcokery of spring. The last few winters have been so called wolf winters (varga vinter)but they have at least ended in time.

What do you think will be the effect on hotter climes like australia and thailand, should i emigrate there?

Texas Arcane said...

Ave -

Everything from the discovery of fire to the truth about twinkies will get misused by anyone who comes across them, guaranteed.

Nietszche fueled fascists, communists and anarchists who all claimed his ideas as sympathetic to their own. Darwin has been used by everyone from Lenin to George Bush to justify their actions.

All powerful truths attract a myriad of agendas to them the second they are conceived. That doesn't mean that they are too dangerous to say out loud, rather the opposite. It proves that they are ideas whose time has come.

I just had an exchange with a woman on YouTube who claimed Neanderthal descent who did not much agree with me and generally misunderstood my position. It is to be expected in all human affairs.

samhuih said...

I'm not sure what Robert Felix says is going to happen will. I've read "Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps" and have "Not by Fire but by Ice" but haven't got around to reading it yet. My backhoe is a 1960's John Deere and it keeps breaking. I fix it. It breaks. Beats a shovel. When it works I can move the dirt. Anyways his hypothesis seems reasonable. I do know there have been mass extinctions. I do know about the frozen mammoths in Siberia and pine trees hundreds of feet below the ice in Alaska. Only thing I believe he may be wrong about is timing. The cycles seem to be fairly complicated according to various other climatologist. They say we have another 50,000 years or so before the next ice age. Of course I don't have a huge amount of faith in them so I'm going to keep digging. What I wonder is,if Robert is correct, just how much time do we have? I notice that various billionaires like Richard Branson are trying to build space ships. I think he would be one of those in the know. A space ship to the moon would be really handy if the Earth goes wacko. Beneath the Lunar surface would seem to be one of the safest places. Four or five years then come back. The damage would seem to be done by that time. Could this mean we have three or four years to go?

P.S. I'm digging into a hillside. Dirt layers are topsoil, sandstone type material, red clay and then it hits a strange white clay. Immediately below the clay is a 2-1/2 to 3 inch thick layer of dark black stuff. The dirt looks burnt. It won't light with a lighter so it's not coal or coalish which we have a lot of around here. Hmmm...
This is in the black belt area in the Southeastern USA. The black belt referring to the soil. Lot of cotton grown in the past.

Melly James said...

Seems like everywhere but here in New York everyone is being hit by this abnormally cold weather.

Here in New York it seems like the winters are getting warming every year.