Friday, March 8, 2013

The Emperor of Ice Cream

In the beginning at Vault-Co after we had read very extensively on the subject for more than three years, we were originally predicting a Grand Minima in the near future. This is a very deep Ice Age characteristic of most of Earth's history during it's existence.

Over the years we revised that to a Maunder Minimum and lately we have tapered this further and suggested this coming cold cycle may be another mini-Ice Age before the actual Ice Age sets in.

As research often shows it can be your first guess that turns out to be right.

It is during Grand Minima that the sun is placid and bare, with brief periods of unparalleled ferocity and huge solar-magnetic flares. This is the reason that all the volcanism (most of it on the ocean floor) happens down here on Earth. These are the peak opportunities for magnetic reversals and excursions.


Simon said...

Yaaaaaaawn, this stuff is entirely irrelevant to a good Christian, Tex. Please stop bringing it up.

Texas Arcane said...

It's great that you have arranged your affairs to do the least amount of thinking and reasoning possible. Path of least resistance and what have you.

For me, Christianity is more about Christ and less about what they tell me I am permitted to conclude. A lot of guys with IQs of 90 in the church end up lecturing guys like me they can't draw any inferences on anything. As if they were going to anyhow but they stopped themselves.

Obviously all my capacity here is God-given so I reckon I was intended to use it.