Saturday, March 23, 2013

Society Needs A Return To Caning

Naked asses getting savagely caned. Now there's a way to get attention on YouTube.

Almost hit that young boy with one of the containers. Autistic, empathy-free monsters.

I guarantee you show one of these kids getting caned so badly he spends a week in hospital before he can walk again, you'd nip trends like this in the bud.

Your freedoms end where the freedoms of others begin. It is really simple but a lot of people in our civilization will never be able to grasp it.

If these kids wanted to buy milk and juice and video themselves smashing them in their backyards it would still be idiotic but it would be a private failing. Doing this in a public place is reckless endangerment in my opinion. The kids in this video should do a couple months in juvenile detention to help them get their minds right.

Notice it took some dumbass kids falling to their deaths with self-kevorkianism before planking soured. As if these kids needed to hear that before they realized that balancing on a railing a couple of floors above the ground was dangerous practice and could get you killed. I have a hard time believing anybody could be that stupid but this is Saps we are talking about.

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ray said...

"Autistic, empathy-free monsters."

i see this all the time, the common belief that autistics lack empathy, or have none

in fact, just the opposite is true (at least as concerns "kanners" or non-verbal autistics) -- they are hyper-empathetic, not non-empathetic

many of their "withdrawl" behaviors are related to this heightened empathy

common also is the assmption that such persons are "retards" b/c unable to speak and/or show poor fine-motor-function . . . but again that is a popular myth

in fact kanners autistics span the intelligence-spectrum, and many are in genius categories, but simply lack communication skills to illustrate their capacities

many non-verbal autistics are neither non-empathetic, nor retarded -- that is the bias of their inferiors, cheers