Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quality Vault-Co Product On Offer Here

If you can arrange for pickup in Queensland, Australia you might find some use for this.

My wife told me either the door goes or she does.

I had to pause to think for a long time. Lovely door. Solid cast-iron bulletproof marine door. Surely I will find a use for it one of these days, although nothing comes to mind at present. A once-in-a-lifetime door. How soon will it be again before I come across a door like this?

I was still quietly thinking to myself.

She shouted "I need an answer!"

I said, "Of course, honey! I will get rid of the door, obviously. Although ... you know ..." (Lost in reverie thinking of beautiful door again)


Anonymous said...

It was a stellar door. (Tolkein)

iese_83 said...

Ba bai dear door, bye. My condolences. One day you´ll find an other door. There´s plenty of doors on the sea.