Sunday, March 24, 2013

Out of the Blue

When I lived in Sydney I had a next door neighbor who chuckled whenever I told him I wanted a place to go that was safe in a tornado.

"Yank," he said, "Tornados is just in the States. We don't have tornados here in Australia and we sure as sh*t ain't got to worry about them here in Sydney. I think you need to take a look around at what country you are living in. Bad things like that don't happen here, they may happen other places but here in Australia you got nothing to worry about."

It is a miracle there were no fatalities. Of course the Australian will be convinced this proves it can't happen here and even if it does, Australians have magical force fields of otherness that protect them from the real world. Better luck next time, God. They can consider that a warning shot over the bow.

Man is not a learning animal.


iese_83 said...

Thank god we don´t have those up here in the truest north. But we do have those magic-shields of otherness though. They come in handy, Yank. ...just buy a really big car and go in to it, if a Tornado comes !.

njartist said...

Was someone playing their HAARP?

njartist said...

Was someone playing their HAARP?