Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Leaders, Bravely Waging The Wars That Will Be Fought By Other People

It's a tough job planning World War III but these guys will buckle down until they reach their goals and make the world safe for Israel.

If those other nations were not such a potential threat they would not be forced to always be threatening them. The problem is they are always forced to be over there doing stuff that leads to other nations doing stuff which leads to war. This is Homo Sapiens logic in action.

Find me somebody who knows about the Cuban missile crisis and then ask them if they knew this entire situation was precipitated by Kennedy putting missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia.

Now ask yourselves if these same people ... who are always telling you that peasants like yourselves have no need of civil defense or the right to self defense ... are willing to forego their own vault systems and the armies of men that provide their protection from their own citizens and the consequences of their own actions. Ask yourselves why they are ordering billions of rounds of ammunition and freeze-dried food years in advance to the point where the manufacturers do not have any outputs left over to even spare for the civilian sector. It is because these valiant men are willing to fight anyone who opposes them anywhere with their nations tax dollars, including taxpayers. It is a difficult job for a patriot but the perks are sweet. You get to act like you are rabid and be a ruthless monomaniacal tyrant and eschew all principles that govern the behavior of people who are sane. Plus power, women and all the booze you can drink.

It never fails to astonish me that ordinary people will sneer at the notion of private defense shelters when the government spends enormous sums of their tax money to build precisely those structures for their own use. The difference being that the common man barely has the means to provide for his own defense after the government has stripped him clean of tax revenues.


FrankNorman said...

What's the Civil Defence situation like in Australia, Tex?

Texas Arcane said...

Our glorious leaders paid countless millions for their counter-terrorism program which consisted of a piece of cardboard with emergency numbers on it you were supposed to put on your refrigerator.

The problem was that the magnet was too weak to hold the cardboard up and it tended to fall off about ten seconds after you put it up, so most of them ended up in the garbage.

The same quality of work in all things one has come to expect from our glorious leaders and their crack team of civil defense experts.

... except Melbourne, which is like Switzerland except even cooler. Half the city is underground tunnels.

styrac said...

Russia launches massive nuclear drill, winnarz alarmed.