Friday, March 29, 2013

North Korea Gone Off The Farm

It is not wise to pretend to be plotting targets for intercontinental missiles if you don't have any intercontinental missiles.

Stealth bombers could reduce North Korea to a glassine parking lot in three hours. They should have waited a while before issuing this kind of rhetoric. The reality doesn't match the depiction.

You have to wonder if the U.S. is provoking them so they will serve as an alibi for the next false flag, which could be nuclear. God forbid. Seven megaton Sandy Hook. I would not put anything above the gang of thugs that are in there now.

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iese_83 said...

It´s difficult to say if they are actually serious about it. To me they mostly resemble teen-aged boys who would like to be bigger and meaner, but just don´t know how to be that. Or they might be getting so desperate that they´ll do anything to get their fair share of The Change.