Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mainstream Media Suffers Truth Leak On Amuds

Remember this rule of thumb : if you hear it on Vault-Co it is nutty fringe theory by a raving lunatic. Six months later if the exact same thing is on televitz it means that it is credible scientific fact.

If you apply this rule in all circumstances you will never risk being accused of suffering from total insanity and mental confusion.

Our society is exactly like the Dark Ages except it is no longer legal to beat your shins with steel rods for heresy. This could be considered a kind of progress, in fact. Now I understand why people think they are so much more advanced than their ancestors.

Remember the instant you concede this might be possible you are also conceding that they would have needed pots to transfer and store this stuff. So right there you have been bitch slapped by pottery making, clay harvesting, kilns to cure the pots. It doesn't matter if they were crude clay pots fired by simple ovens. Once you get this far, arguing over whether or not Neanderthals could speak makes you sound more ridiculous than the craziest members of the Spanish Inquisition in the 1400's.

Go a little farther and admit the Neanderthals domesticated some animals and before you know it, you will realize there is barely anything left to attribute to spear-chucking gang rapist cannibal Cro-Magnon. Just stealing this stuff off dead bodies does not constitute innovation of any kind. If a black dude breaks into your home and kills you then steals your stereo it doesn't mean we attribute the invention of vacuum tubes and solid state electronics to that dude. See what is being talked about here?

Typical fraud in the skull game exposed recently. This is the rule in modern "science," not the exception.

When Vault-Co tells you that the Amud were nearly indistinguishable from modern people, no more different from them than Werner Von Braun and Colin Wilson, that is not something I just made up. That's something I learned about by seeing the skulls involved and hearing what a lot of academics talk about behind closed doors nowadays. What they say amongst themselves and what they tell the rubes are two different things, very similar to the sorts of people who work at the carnival.


KW Jackson said...

Koch fund for science? Could the Khazar's be trying to claim Thal for themselves?

FrankNorman said...

This sort of thing reminds me of a conversation I had way back in my student days.
A classmate was asking me how come, if most of the fossil record was laid down in Noah's Flood as I was claiming, human fossils were found only on the topmost layers, not mixed in with the dinosaur ones.
I replied that they probably DID find human remains in "Mesozoic" rocks, but since this was totally incompatible with accepted evolutionary timescales, such finds would always be explained away (eg as intrusive burials) or just ignored.

My classmate was shocked that I would seriously suggest such a thing; he said I was undermining the whole basis of "Science".
Scientists, to people like him, were pretty much the High Priests of Truth. The idea that they might deliberately conceal things from their followers was something he simply could not accept.

Amy said...

You might want to shake your head in shame for me, Tex, but when I was younger I read Auel's TCOTCB series. After about book 3 I just petered out on it, the storyline was getting boring, but it did pique my interest in many things: herbal medicine, flint knapping, and ancient Ice Age Europe. I started to read more about the idea that Neanderthals were assimilated into mondern human populations; it didn't seem too far fetched, but the Neanderthals were always presented as brutish thugs who were always moving about because they denuded their environments of food, like locusts.

I had an opportunity to see an exhibit at the Natural History Museum in NYC, I don't remember how many years ago. The skulls and skeletons of the Thals were on display, as well as some of their "crude stone axes." Those crude stone axes had beautiful points and shapes, were carefully crafted and retouched so they could be handled. Neanderthal tech was GOOD, better than anything my efforts produced. I couldn't sustain the image of a half-brained monkey man beating two rocks together any longer. Clearly there was something much more advanced about their culture than anthropologists were willing to admit. I wish I could have a day with them, sitting around their hearths and listening to their stories.

Our modern Dark Age is one where knowledge is being kept from us, rather than just lost by a people gathering up the remnants of their lives after Rome fell.

Amy said...

I just re-read that twice.

How accidental are most discoveries? Even once in a lifetime accidents need methodical observation, planning, reconstruction, and note-taking (even if mental) to produce the same result of the original happy accident. Consider the kind of coordination and cooperation needed to accomplish a task like rendering pitch from birch bark.

I'll bet the Thals also knew not to defecate in or near their water supply and would have figured out how to dig a well if necessary, unlike some groups of people still living on this planet.

Michelle said...

Jason Rohrer said...

What happened to genius? Where did it go?

This will be long but I think the pieces are easy enough to put together.

Interestingly, human brains start off the same size AND shape in modern humans and neanderthals. However, the neanderthal brain grows more rapidly and stays the same shape.

The typical modern human brain deforms into a bloblike shape in the first year of life. The hilarious handwaving says that what happens is the modern human brain becomes MORE complex, reorganizes itself to be more efficient.

If that's the case, why does the shape change? Convolutions are a simple process, caused by a protein that causes cells to differentiate less quickly and keep dividing longer. Convolutions are now shown even in 3 million year old hominids, let alone advanced beings like neanderthals.

But it's clear why the shape changes, the functionality changes, degrades.

Here we have it, personality directly tied to brain shape. Interestingly this article decries phrenology as nonense as the shape of the skull doesn't matter. But is not the brain contained in the skull? How can someone have a huge occipital lobe in a little globelike head?

of course the skull doesn't always give exact shape and size of brain but we can infer it gives us SOMETHING, right? Much like the handwaving that says there's only weak correlation between brain size and IQ.

Ok, I can accept that, but what's it mean? It means on average, a brain twice as big is not twice as high in IQ but about 30% higher. If you think of IQ more like a richter scale then it could well be a one to one correlation. That is, you make gains easily from nothing but you get to be a math savant only through serious addition of braincells and complex structures.

But with this background I arrive at my point, the shape changes, and it's clear what got removed. The occipital lobe, spatial awareness and extra math firepower needed by hunters and warriors. The amygdala, the threat warning and survival planning center that keeps you from doing stupid things that lead to death. Impaired in bipolar people, we know the results of a smaller one, impulsive behavior, risk taking, delusions of grandeur and general mental instability and inability to restrain hostile impulses and other bad emotions.

In a safe environment like a city, the brain of the typical modern human is losing its ability to take care of itself and make its own decisions. It actually becomes dependent on the state/city to take care of it and tell it what to do or it goes off and gets itself kill. If you've ever managed people, you'll know how true this is. People don't get mad to be told what to do, even if you are gruff and demanding. They are relieved to see someone knows what to do and how they need to act to take care of themselves. They are greatful. I suppose it makes sense but it's the oddest experience.

Jason Rohrer said...

To make it more clear, civilization creates an urban mob of people who can't think for themselves, but don't have impaired *learning* ability. They exist to be told what to do and make all decisions on a social, cultural basis with no thinking involved. Which indeed is why many academics cannot conceive of any other way, they are sure people don't decide anything simply mimic the behavior of others.

But obviously this kind of herd opportunist is not advancing society they are just little worker bees. See what's become of hollywood and politics. No creativity only using what others provide. No caution, just pillaging without care for tommorrow.

Texas Arcane said...

Amy -

One of the things that has baffled archaeologists in Europe is the number of discard pits for Neanderthal camps compared to Cro-Magnon camps. Cro-magnon camps don't have any. Neanderthals have huge pits filled with flints they chipped that they didn't care for. They were consummate perfectionists to the point you could describe aspects of their behaviour as neurotic in the extreme.

Cro-Magnons busted a flint rock with another rock and they picked through the shards to find one of them closest to looking like a spear head. They crudely tied this in a notched haft. They had no discards.

The Neanderthals have colossal pits that looks like some guy worked hundreds of pieces of flint just to produce one really awesome perfectly shaped spear or axe head. They may have spent days on this one task. When they felt that was as good as it gets they would then run all their weapons through bitumen coatings (a simplification of the chemistry involved) with the most important facet being a molded grip to their own fingers that would never slip, in addition to coating the twine of the weapon to strengthen that joint immeasurably.

Sort of like the Japanese beating American electronics not with better products but by mass manufacturing so much so cheaply that the Americans could not compete with their emphasis on quality in everything they did. The Cro-Magnons didn't make 5 or 6 amazing spears for their tribes of 30 people - they mass produced a 1000 crummy spears that barely held together to be thrown by a thousand men. It was a shortcut around the entire science of weapons making and it worked because of their volumes of their populations.

Dan Crab said...

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