Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lootin' Stealin' & Thievin'

If you do it, they call it bank robbery. When they do it, it is "altruism."

Freezin' accounts and stealin' sh*t right out of their safety deposit boxes.

F.D.R. did as much in the 1930's when the government ripped gold right out of the vaults where it was kept.

If these guys are bright enough to be the leadership, how come they are always getting themselves into crises where their only option is to hold up the law abiding and take their money like any common thief? They don't seem like leadership material to me. They seem like ordinary run-of-the-mill thugs and looters.

Bandits realized it is inefficient to ride through once a year and burn the village and take everything away. So they settled down and became politicians. This way, the peasants bring you their money, you don't have to run them through with a sword and take it off their dead bodies. Taken a further step, you don't even bother robbing them anymore, rather you reach right into their place of safekeeping and make direct withdrawals. Tell me why this civilization is working out if leadership is indistinguishable from bandit raiders?


iese_83 said...

It is very possible, that this is exactly what really happened. They also are "strong-minded" and cocky, and those are the qualities people area looking for in their leaders. These munkeeh-men choose the ones who are sure of themselves to an extreme, to be the leaders. Scientific fact, and explains a lot !.

samhuih said...

Most people of any intelligence are unsure of many things. You understand that most things are more complicated than they seem. Psychopaths always seem so sure. They're not they're just magnificent actors. People follow them as the path of least resistance.

styrac said...

John Laughland: 'Cyprus deal pushes EU closer to French, Bolshevik revolutions'

Chunkations said...

The Scythians raided the Russian peasants so much they had to go live in the forests where the horses couldn't manouver.
So yeah they have discovered a better way of raiding.