Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kwanstainia, We Hardly Knew Ye

200 Years and then wiped out. Dead. Vaporized. Will look like Detroit everywhere in a couple of generations.

The women got liberated. From existence. The men got made extraneous. They deported themselves biologically off their own territory. Naturalists call this "losing." Permanently.

What a sordid little dump. Who in their right mind would live in this toilet?


hitfan said...

"Immigrants are innovators, entrepreneurs, they're making things happen. They create jobs," said Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican, at an immigration conference in his state last week. Saying Michigan should be a top destination for legal immigrants to come and boost Detroit and other struggling areas, Snyder made a special appeal: "Please come here."

Michigan, of all places, should be fully aware of the negative social and economic impact of accepting Third World economic migrants (the Black migration that occurred when Henry Ford wanted cheap labor to bust the unions).

The traitors are in charge. The Republicans are a fake opposition party that are as credible and real as Emanuel Goldstein. The example of the stooge cited above is quite representative of this.

KW Jackson said...

That last story, banks & intelligence agencies sharing data, is just another reason to get into crypto-currency.

The Lab Manager said...

If you have the means, those would be some place possibly worth moving to get away from the rest of the vermin.

The Lab Manager said...

If one had the means, some of these dying places might be worth looking into as place to move and get away from the vermin.