Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jim Carrey Just Kevorkianed His Career

Poor guy had some panic attack about arms (always associated with repressed homosexuality according to Freud and Jung - the only thing the two men ever agreed on!) and has essentially self-destructed in public. In addition to being less funny than anything he has ever done, the insults and contempt and ridicule just aren't even an attempt to make his viewpoint palatable.

It's funny how he features Gandhi in the background. Gandhi was one of the biggest racialists and pro-gun leaders that India ever had. Gandhi believed that only arms in private hands gave Indians any option to repel the British and he advocated arms be available freely to his people.

The problem with dumbass showbiz personalities is they don't know anything about anything. They don't know human history. They don't know the record of government. They don't even know what they don't know. It is the fool who knows nothing at all about anything who is the most likely to hold the fiercest convictions about nothing.

All of these problems are not problems. The Constitution provides for a constitutional congress to vote and repeal the Second Amendment. Except the gun grabbers know they could not get the votes. So they are a minority attempting to impose genocidal conditions on a majority from the outside and they know it.

There is no need for all of this. It's called the rule of law and the United States permits people to bear arms for their own defense against anyone. If you don't like it, Jim, get the canuck out and go back to Canada and you can live under that totalitarian regime back in your native land. Canada has stripped their population first of guns and then they stripped them of all their rights, period. It is a pretty classic cycle.

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