Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is The Down-Low Brother Busted?

Looks like it. The choom master may be sprung.


Mex Arcane said...

Obama has just embarked on his first tour of Israel and the Palestinian territories. I hear a lot of ardent leftwingers claiming that he secretly holds Palestinian sympathies and is just waiting for the right opportunity to act, but has been pressured into towing the line so far - he's a weak man, if so. Then there were his offhand comments about Netanyahu.

The timing is another one of those famous coincidences. Perhaps this is the scandal the Zionist lobbies will hold over Obama to make sure he behaves, much like the Lewinski affair was to Clinton, but a tad more consequential this time. Of course, there are probably a lot more skeletons in Barry Soetoro's closet. The boy will do as he's told.

iese_83 said...

Wow that´s amazing !. Almost too good to be true, some truth coming to light. Modicum of sense made. Overwhelming.


His Selective Service Registration is a forgery too.

hitfan said...

I wasn't a 'birther' until the release of this birth certificate which looks like a very botched forgery. Either it's a fake or Obama has made it look like a forgery in order to egg certain people on the right look shrill as they continue to harp on a perceived dead horse.

The problem is, is that something of a technical nature flies over most people's heads and requires some explanation. Unless the media explains it to the average rube, the public will simply not care.

"Perhaps this is the scandal the Zionist lobbies will hold over Obama to make sure he behaves"

It's plausible that the press hasn't given this scandal any traction in order for these interests to keep their powder dry. But this birther stuff has been going on for years now, and I think that even if the media ever concedes that the birth certificate is fake, the public has grown tired of it. And the point will be moot if the forgery is only proven after Obama is out of office.

But a serious concentrated effort by the press to explain what is going on could change the public's perception, however.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 3/7/12:
"10 Times Worse Than Watergate; Biggest Media Blackout In History"

There is a mountain of evidence, that BHO is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. But the OMG (Obama Media Group) refuse to report on it.

FORGED Birth Certificate.
FORGED Selective Service Registration.
FAILED to pass the FEDS own identity database, 'E-Verify' with his Connecticut SSN 042-68-4425. He NEVER lived there.

Texas Arcane said...

Without the medai running defense for this idiot he would not last another day in office. He can't be impeached if the media refuse to report on his crimes.

The media needs to be disbanded and sold off, it is clear they are a political front for vested interests and should not receive 1st Amendment protections any longer.