Monday, March 11, 2013

Interesting Chapter In Archaeology

These finds would have demolished the narrative of the past 200 years, therefore they were frauds

It reminds me of the church elders refusing to look through Galileo's telescope ... or Dr. Zaius with Taylor at the end of PLANET OF THE APES ignoring a talking doll from the excavation of the ancient civilization.

One of the problems with the art from the dig here was that they had sensibilities that were just too "modern" to stomach. When people look at the bear muzzle on the wall of Lascaux in France, it resembles high quality linework like you might see in a Frazetta graphic comic book, except done with such exquisite precision it would have needed a Picasso behind it to draw.

People only compromise by claiming it must have been done by our ancestors but even then they remain uneasy at this lie because they know that the evidence shows their own kind were unlikely to display such sensitivity and keen enthusiasm for anything other than warfare, even now.

"Jacob" in Hebrew means "To plagiarize," "A Swindler," "Someone who stands on the shoulders of another," "Someone who claims something as their own which they have stolen," "Someone who is nothing without the work of another," "To usurp or take the place of the more worthy." A coincidence, to be sure.

"Esau" is "the good son," "strong solid man of the Earth," "a problem solver," "man of action," "a man of prowess and ability," "the original heir," and of course "man of arms," "great sinews," "a person who excels all others," "covered with hair all over," "the worthy one who was here before." A coincidence, to be sure.

What these ancient inflections in the words signify for us is that after tens of thousands of years of oral traditions preserving this metaphor of the two brothers, the basic qualities of the two brothers is information that has been preserved largely intact. Even 38,000 years after the genocide of these people, despite numerous attempts to paint it as a righteous act, we still hear echoes and implied aspects of the story that tell us it was not quite as we have been told to interpret the account in the modern era. The survivors knew something quite terrible had been done and to guess what is really being preserved here we need look no farther than the bones of male Neanderthals with teethmarks in them in campfires all over Europe.

One immediately thinks of the ancient legends of the ghoul who only acquires the knowledge of good and evil after consuming a conscience from the soul of the victim he cannibalizes. For a short while after his gruesome feast, he cries tears of guilt and has all the memories of those he has eaten. Then this fades and his basic nature returns which is perverse hunger. In this instance, the ghoul's memory seems to have persisted for 38,000 years after his meal.

P.S. Was just watching a soccer riot on YouTube somebody mailed me a link to and I was thinking how absolutely opposite in every way the people in the riot were from the people who painted the caves in Lascaux. Some guy was screaming at the top of his lungs and swinging off a light pole while throwing glass bottles of beer at passing cars. No way is there anybody in that guy's family tree who was at Lascaux. No way. That is science fiction. These are Jacob's children.


Amy said...

I am mystified by the idea some people hold: that only modern humans, and only recent modern humans, could produce art and song and literature of a refined caliber. As though abilities of this kind only came to us suddenly only 9,000 years ago.

I never like the story of Esau and Jacob. Jacob was a fraud, why would a fraud be blessed by God? That is something no one has ever been able to explain to my satisfaction. I find your analysis and explanation of the metaphorical betrayal of one son by the other to be enlightening. It's something I hadn't considered before, although stories of brothers betraying each other's good faith, the rape of desirable women, and the purposeful death of lineages abound in the Bible. There are messages there we still haven't teased out.

B said...

I'm pretty sure that Jacob and Esau do not mean that or have those connotations in Hebrew. Do you have a source?

Jason Rohrer said...

After reading your blog I've been trying to find the differences in the brains of neanderthals and people of today.

Neocortex is vastly larger in neanderthals than humans, that is where the extra brainpower is, the center of human consciousness, rational thought, and math. To me that says it all.

People today are less complex than neanderthals, they are the retarded murderous half brother that killed able.

Interestingly it's interpreted that in homo sapiens versus chimps to mean homo sapiens is superior. In neanderthal versus homo sapiens it means the opposite somehow.

Supposedly cerebellum is now used for social reasons. Guess chimps are very social. Ha ha.

Plus the temporal cortex increase in modern humans, which really is social in nature. Why actually think when you can just obey your master? It's like the old number 9 graphics cards that had the cheating cache designed to game the test. Monkey see, money do. Hardwired learning in black and white cause effect terms. May as well call it the groupthink center of the brain.

To me the really interesting thing is that the story of jacob and esau is pretty much the story of the whole bible. I used to wonder why God didn't appear until suddenly he did so in the middle east for a small and pathetic group of slaves.

Well, maybe he did. There's not one thing in the bible which doesn't appear elsewhere, much earlier. And jesus is really no different than the old mithraism of the "persians".

Look at all the bull artwork of the Hyksos and Canaanites. Which is also found with all the celts. All of these areas are full of R M269 descendents. All of them could be described as having much more equality for women, and much better ingenuity and craft than their neighbors.

Mind blown.

Texas Arcane said...

Amy -

If you imagine how long the oral records had to persist before they were written down and you compare this with a game of Chinese whispers with ten people playing for one minute, it is amazing how much of the original story survived.

I think the people who fought back the most were Mousterians and this is why they are remembered as "red hair all over." The Denisovians and the Amud (as their fossils were found) retreated whenever they could and were less likely to be remembered as distinct types, being so much closer to humans in appearance. I think the yelling Mousterians attacking at night stuck in people's minds the most vividly so Esau was remembered as "with red hair all over."

Where the Amud fought hundreds of Sapiens at the same time (Shanidar site in Israel) obviously this is a race of men who have run as far as they could and have no choice but to fight at that point. Fighting at least 300 people at a time it is fair to say you are in a desperate situation.

Texas Arcane said...

B -

There's an amazing new technology available called Google. It's like a little man who looks up things for you on the internet. Try a search on there.

B said...

That's wonderful, but Google seems to think that the etymology of "Esau" is linked to the word for "to do," and none of the other stuff you have in there. The etymology of "Jacob" stems from the word for "heel." So where did you come up with "to plagiarize," "A Swindler," "Someone who stands on the shoulders of another," "Someone who claims something as their own which they have stolen," "Someone who is nothing without the work of another," "To usurp or take the place of the more worthy", "the good son," "strong solid man of the Earth," "a problem solver," "man of action," "a man of prowess and ability," "the original heir," and of course "man of arms," "great sinews," "a person who excels all others," "covered with hair all over," "the worthy one who was here before"?

Texas Arcane said...

B -

There is what is said by one Rabbi to another and what is occasionally said to a devoted student in schule. Then there is what is said to everybody else.

Luckily the Dead Sea Scrolls go into enormous further detail which appears to have been left out of the bible, in addition to many thousands of years of Hebrew students. What is odd is that no less than Jesus Christ and the apostles refer to these "left out" bits which didn't make it into the King James. I think that gives us some confidence that they are useful to consult.

Texas Arcane said...

This is a very interesting discussion on parables of the two brothers, in the two instances where they are clearly speaking of Neanderthal(herder) and Homo Sapiens(grower).

Notice God would rather have a liar and a swindler as the foundation of his people because Esau is terribly indifferent to such things. It is this indifference seen in Esau again and again that makes God despise him. To be indifferent to one's creator is a pretty serious sin. Unlike Jacob, he took great pleasure in his own prowess and relied upon nobody, not even God. For this reason God loves Jacob and despises Esau, because Esau is not even interested in God because he is so self-satisfied.

Jacob was not chosen because he was the "good" one. He was chosen because he was the only one of the two brothers who even showed an interest in God.

B said...

I see. So there is a cryptoetymology, kept secret by the Rabbis, which is (presumably) not reflected by any of their public sources. It is not referred to in the Jerusalem or Babylonian Talmud, in the works of Sa'adia Gaon or Maimonides, nor in the Midrashim, the Kuzari or any of the other extensive rabbinical writings. Though the authors of these works are quite often politically uncorrect, uncomplimentary to Christianity, Islam and gentiles, etc., but apparently shy away from exposing this cryptoetymology. The idea that in war, all the goyim including the best ones are fair game is not something the Rabbis were afraid to commit to parchment, but the supposed etymological roots of Esau and Jacob? Whole different game.

However, the writings of some gnostic heretics supposedly reflect it (could you provide a link to the germane translations, perhaps?)

Somehow, this cryptoetymology is capable of compressing entire phrases into three-letter Semitic roots, too. Interesting.

Eugene said...

Homo Sapiens are probably "social"; status-mongering and status-whoring takes precedence over anything else. Whereas Neanderthals are visual, interested in shapes and geometry.

Does anyone really believe it's coincidence that Einstein's brain was also similarly enlarged in the regions that have to do with visual reasoning? Your average 'Thal could probably understand Riemannian geometry if you explained it to him. He would also outscore you on the Raven's matrices IQ test.

Individualist 'Thals lost to collectivist Sapien for the same reasons that the world is not run today by its Einsteins and Feynmans, but rather by status-mongering high-IQ sapien types (or maybe actually Melonheads). Those who understand Status are expert at manipulation of the masses. The 'Thals have, and always had, a coordination problem. If 'Thals simply "went Galt", the parasites would eventually be starved. But the 'Thals simply don't have it in them to coordinate with the Collective.

samhuih said...

When I read,"...Mousterians and this is why they are remembered as "red hair all over...". I immediately thought of Bigfoot. Many are red headed and they seem to survive by hiding from us. Before Whites came to America they kept the Indians out of their territory. After Whites bought guns they retreated and hid. Of course maybe they are speaking of different red hairs. The Romans fought Giants that I believe also had red hair. I always wondered why no one dug up where the Romans said they destroyed the Giants. Amazing how many different species of humans there seem to be. If humans is what they are.

Texas Arcane said...

B -

Huge fake epistemology.

Nothing substitutes for the real thing, though.

A simple search on Google would reveal almost all the meanings I listed. I did a search after you asked and found every single one of them. Rattle on about the straw man.

B said...

Sure-screening the comments of those who disagree and ask you to put up your sources is a great way to ensure total consensus. Rock on, Neanderthal.

Max said...

If the ideas within Christianity dates to after the extermination they are the result of an inner conflict and struggle of a people of dual natures. It has limited value other than as a studying case.

Texas Arcane said...

B -

Do you know how many times people have asked me to post my sources for those inflections of the two names?

Once? Twice? A hundred times?

I am sure I did it at one point but how many times do you think I can reeducate new people visiting the blog? Do they insist on me producing a concordance every time I blog?

Here's what you do. Slow down a little. Concentrate. Use Google. Dig into some documents that go into greater detail on the story of Jacob and Esau.

Very shortly, you will suddenly realize, Tex wasn't making anything up. In fact, Tex has managed to penetrate pretty deeply into this subject, the same place a 4 year rabbinical student might get if he studied hard.

Then you will understand my time is limited, I can't do research every time a guy named "B" suggests I am inventing stuff. There are only 24 hours in a day.

JeffreyJerpp said...


I googled "Jacob meaning of name", and the second and first results ( gave me this meaning: "holder of the heel" or "supplanter".

Google is now personalizing search results to segment individuals (one of the many reasons I use startpage), so it may have directed me to what it thought I wanted to find (unlikely though), but in any event you look pretty ridiculous making unsubstantiated claims on a pretty credible blog.

You're not named Jacob, are you?

B said...

The "heel" etymology is on the surface, as is "hairy" for Esau (and "red" for Edom. I was asking about the rest.

Mr. Blakemore, I think asking you to provide sources for those claims is quite reasonable. Perhaps you have provided them before, in which case a link to the post where you did so would work.

Ardepark said...


Texas Arcane, there are people who really want to like you and trust you. Don't let them down by giving them the run-around.

I too have done a Google search and spent a bit more time than your "Google it" flippancy might have led me to think was enough, and I assure you it's no consolation to then hear, "Dig into some documents that go into greater detail."

Which is it? My time is just as valuable to me as yours is to you. It's quite simple: You made the claim, now you back it up.

I would have more respect and liking for you if you were to admit you made this up, than if you continue acting like you don't have time for this.

Ardepark said...
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