Saturday, March 30, 2013

North Korea : It's On Like Donkey Kong

N.K. claims the smack is coming down

If they are serious, South Korea is going to find it is go time.

If America gets involved, all bets are off. There is no telling where things could end up.

Sodomite Empire

I really wish somebody was making this stuff up. Obama is lathering these people with dough.

What Happens In A Disarmed Nation

A return to olden times, when no home was safe from murderers, thieves and bandits

Home invasion very common now, thugs and criminals rule over the landscape, no fear of police rather they are seen as enablers and the oppressors of law abiding people.

Men are not learning animals. It makes me feel so very old to listen to their foolishness. They are utterly bereft of any wisdom or insight.

The modern era was created by Samuel Colt and the ever-present danger (to criminals) of firearms in every home. Before that there was only anarchy and utter lawlessness. Every law abiding man has to tremble in terror at any gang of thugs who decides to terrorize him and his family. The elderly are left as defenseless as infants before wolves.

They are a silly, childlike people who don't know anything about anything, especially not how to govern or how to live as men. They don't even know what they don't know. Have you ever known someone who tries to conceal the fact they aren't bright enough to understand a complex argument by shouting you down with slogans and cliches? Imagine 30 million people like that. They rush pell-mell towards their own destruction.

I was speaking with a guy yesterday at Subway when I was getting a sandwich and this dolt was telling me that now Australia barely has a military left, we will be much safer from attack from other countries now that we have no "hostile profile" in the region. When I asked him how he would feel about living under a Red Chinese protectorate, he shrugged and said "Deal with it. She'll be right. I doubt things would change much."

Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh right, So Vault-Co Was Telling The Truth, Everybody Else You Know Was Lying

Vault-Co Is The Cricket
You know, That 20 year cold snap, following immediately on the heels of being warned by scienmajists that GLOBAL WARMING HAD BEGUN some 20 years ago.

The evidence has contradicted their theories for two decades, they admit. But that doesn't mean their theory is wrong. It is really a matter of faith, they explain. You can't let a little thing like evidence and facts stand in the way of something that is important for people to believe in. Exactly like a religion except it is different.

Once again, here is Vault-Co's position : The Holocene is Over. This looks like a Grand Minima approaching. That is cold as hell. Forget about societies like Britain based on a much warmer climate model.

They just admitted to you that not only have they lied for the past 20 years but that these lies have COST PEOPLE THEIR LIVES because of their promulgation of false assertions that they KNEW were false when they made them!!!


N.K. Escalation Warns Russia, China

Russia Warns U.S. To Stay Out Of It

Think About Reality, Warns China

Two of the world's largest nuclear powers request GTFO for Kwanstain

A reasonable person would listen. This is the Kwanstain, however, so you can count on further provocations.

Any Place On Earth Where Neanderthals Are Not Found?

No. Neanderthals found outside Europe are just relabeled as "Solutreans" and "Clovis" people.

Poor squat little midget is supposed to have lacked the endurance to have made it much farther than the mouth of his cave according to scienmajistics. I knew this was a lie 14 years ago when I began to study the sites of the Clovis in North America. I knew it was a lie about him being a prognathic dwarf with a hunchback as early as 1994. I had read about the well-built, well-proportioned flat faced remains of southerner Neanderthals who averaged 6'2  in late 1992. These were also described as "clearly surviving on a diet of horsemeat" because they always found rows of horse skeletons in front of their caves. You know, almost like they were tethered to a hitching post out front, which is where you would expect a domesticated horse to be. No, said the anthropologists, the Neanderthals liked to dispose of the horses they "ate" (after drawing lovely pictures of them together smiling on the walls of their caves) in neat rows at the mouths of their caves as if they had all been standing side-by-side in front of a railing. They also never mentioned the skeletons were intact where they had fallen and showed no evidence of teeth or cutting tools. So apparently the southern Neanderthals had mastered fillet-of-horse, stripping the meat off cleanly without have to separate limbs or shanks in any way.

This is what passes for Homo Sapiens "science."

The real irony 40,000 years later is that the only hominid bastard we know for certain eats horses is Homo Sapiens themselves, who likes them in his meatballs and burgers as tasteful tangy filler. What kind of sorry sonofabitch eats a beautiful animal like a horse? It is one step short of cannibalism. Sapiens is a shameless creature with no innate sense of right and wrong.

That crazy Tex, he's worked up this incredibly complex delusion about the Neanderthals being genocided and gangraped by the Saps, convinced he is a nearly pure outlier from the original hybrid stock. Well, everybody knows if anything it would have been the male Neanderthals doing the raping, because I mean ... er .. you know ...

First Victims of Sapiens Gangrapes Found, Vindicating Long-standing Genetic Evidence For Past 30 Years
Modern humans and Neanderthals therefore lived in roughly the same regions for thousands of years, but the new human arrivals, from the Neanderthal perspective, might not have been welcome, and for good reason. The research team hints that the modern humans may have raped female Neanderthals, bringing to mind modern cases of "ethnic cleansing."

North Korea Gone Off The Farm

It is not wise to pretend to be plotting targets for intercontinental missiles if you don't have any intercontinental missiles.

Stealth bombers could reduce North Korea to a glassine parking lot in three hours. They should have waited a while before issuing this kind of rhetoric. The reality doesn't match the depiction.

You have to wonder if the U.S. is provoking them so they will serve as an alibi for the next false flag, which could be nuclear. God forbid. Seven megaton Sandy Hook. I would not put anything above the gang of thugs that are in there now.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Power Of A Good Edjamafacashun

Not surprised in the least.

Looked to me like college was headed this way when I was going 25 years ago.

Basically an open air sex and booze party riot sure to "graduate" innumerable people who could not even read or write.

I can remember how odd I was considered at college, with books in my room.

"You read all these books?" I was constantly asked.

There were like 9 or so books.

Yes, dude, I read them all.

"Cool! I used to read books, too. My major is in nuclear science so I am probably going to have to read some more to get my degree." (swig from massive malt liquor bottle)

Most of these guys end up as my managers in I.T. a decade later or so.

"Alright, make thum computer thingy, alright! Mmmkay, I'll be back to check on you later to see if you made it! Use Rational Rose and edjamafacashun! I will be reviewing your thingy when itz done!"

('Thal slave slinks back to cubicle to try to accomplish some meaningful work while his 200+ Saps "managers" sip coffee and discuss their beach plans for the weekend)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Future of IT Lies in Robotics

Don't try to fight it. It will be the hottest sector for software developers for decades.

... or however long it takes robots and cruise missiles to fight the next war.

I recommend learning the toolkits that are on offer including the one from Microsoft. Itz coming and if you are prudent you will be able to code for it when it gets here. Get familiar with the new protocols and learn the basic command structure for a real-time system with multiple thread communication because that is essentially what a robot is.

I don't foresee Java being big for robotics but .NET including cross-platform MONO is a real contender.

"Window Into The Future" By Steve Kosareff

This is an interesting picture book that documents the introduction of television into the home.

I felt a sense of horror as I approached the end of the book.

I had the perspective of a man living 70 years later and seeing the smoking wreckage of Post-America.

For god's sake, the Washington Post just reported that the "President of the United States" will be working against his own sworn oath to uphold the Constitution by using the United Nations to destroy the Second Amendment.

I knew that the people who commissioned these glorious illustrations of an idyllic America were planning on using television itself to completely destroy it. The television was crucial to colonizing the Western mind, which to be honest, was pretty easy to completely take over and control. This is the reason it was so critical to steal the invention from Philo Farnsworth and bring it to California so the thief could mass produce it without paying anybody any royalties.

When you see the whole arc of the 70 years in this book, you can really see the grotesque nature of this plan as it unfolded.

Television, amongst other things, reinforces and creates hierarchies which otherwise might not exist. (Jerry Mander's FOUR ARGUMENTS FOR THE ELIMINATION OF TELEVISION) Modern people believe the people they see on television are more important than they are. They believe they have lives that are more relevant and more fulfilling than their own. They believe that only people on television know what is going on. After all, they are on television.

Watching Jim Carey in that amateurish and unfunny propaganda sort of brought it home to me. The mockery. The scorn. The hatred for all things normal. The hatred for the family. The hatred and murderous rage towards children and infants. The sneering at every sacred thing, as if there were no sacred things and never could be. I just had this image of this violent, bloody demon rending and tearing with his teeth at everything human in the most appalling rage and insane jealousy of people who manage to find some small degree of comfort and happiness in life. Television holds out this life like a carrot on a stick even as television erodes the chances and destroys the social underpinnings of this life, making it an impossibility. Television induces hatred of all things good and beautiful and true and worth preserving. It induces a hatred of the urge to preserve things.

It's evil, that box. Really evil. It is the prince and the power of the air. Scripture got it right again. Speaking as an atheist, scripture is always right. Scripture can say in one sentence what it takes 70 years to figure out.

Evil as it is, it can barely compare to the people behind it, who are truly monstrous human beings. Wolves in sheep's clothing if ever the metaphor applied anywhere.

Jim Carrey Just Kevorkianed His Career

Poor guy had some panic attack about arms (always associated with repressed homosexuality according to Freud and Jung - the only thing the two men ever agreed on!) and has essentially self-destructed in public. In addition to being less funny than anything he has ever done, the insults and contempt and ridicule just aren't even an attempt to make his viewpoint palatable.

It's funny how he features Gandhi in the background. Gandhi was one of the biggest racialists and pro-gun leaders that India ever had. Gandhi believed that only arms in private hands gave Indians any option to repel the British and he advocated arms be available freely to his people.

The problem with dumbass showbiz personalities is they don't know anything about anything. They don't know human history. They don't know the record of government. They don't even know what they don't know. It is the fool who knows nothing at all about anything who is the most likely to hold the fiercest convictions about nothing.

All of these problems are not problems. The Constitution provides for a constitutional congress to vote and repeal the Second Amendment. Except the gun grabbers know they could not get the votes. So they are a minority attempting to impose genocidal conditions on a majority from the outside and they know it.

There is no need for all of this. It's called the rule of law and the United States permits people to bear arms for their own defense against anyone. If you don't like it, Jim, get the canuck out and go back to Canada and you can live under that totalitarian regime back in your native land. Canada has stripped their population first of guns and then they stripped them of all their rights, period. It is a pretty classic cycle.

Monday, March 25, 2013

This One Is Truly Orwellian

Of course, nobody reads Orwell anymore. Just the last few remaining science-fiction dystopia protagonists like Vault-Co readers. How can you recognize "Orwellian" if you never read Orwell?

Get Out Those Old Grappling Gun Plans.

Batman cries like a little girl when he sees stuff like this. 

Now all you need is a motor with enough power to hoist a couple hundred pounds with titanium cable and you'll be flying around on a zipline in no time. Even your lower ranking superheroes like Ant-Man and Brainboy will be sporting these. They'll become so commonplace that the better grades of superhero will decide it will be cooler just to take the stairs and walk up. Better cardio.

Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

Keep arguing over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Read that. J.P. Morgan's exposure to derivatives is greater than the entire world's GDP. In a sane world, wouldn't we be having criminal proceedings against more people than Bernie Madoff and a few other whipping boys? Harry Truman would be throwing people in prison left and right in this situation.

Elect a Kenyan, get Kenya.

Nothing is what it seems to be. Always remember this. In most of mankind, more brains have only one use - better deceptions. A person can often technically be "bright" and have no apparent use for those brains other than when he/she is lying. This is demonstrated by hardcore brain scans in real-time. The reason that people practice deception is that they want to hurt somebody else, rip them off or steal from them without them being able to figure out what is going on until it is too late for them to do anything about it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lootin' Stealin' & Thievin'

If you do it, they call it bank robbery. When they do it, it is "altruism."

Freezin' accounts and stealin' sh*t right out of their safety deposit boxes.

F.D.R. did as much in the 1930's when the government ripped gold right out of the vaults where it was kept.

If these guys are bright enough to be the leadership, how come they are always getting themselves into crises where their only option is to hold up the law abiding and take their money like any common thief? They don't seem like leadership material to me. They seem like ordinary run-of-the-mill thugs and looters.

Bandits realized it is inefficient to ride through once a year and burn the village and take everything away. So they settled down and became politicians. This way, the peasants bring you their money, you don't have to run them through with a sword and take it off their dead bodies. Taken a further step, you don't even bother robbing them anymore, rather you reach right into their place of safekeeping and make direct withdrawals. Tell me why this civilization is working out if leadership is indistinguishable from bandit raiders?

Out of the Blue

When I lived in Sydney I had a next door neighbor who chuckled whenever I told him I wanted a place to go that was safe in a tornado.

"Yank," he said, "Tornados is just in the States. We don't have tornados here in Australia and we sure as sh*t ain't got to worry about them here in Sydney. I think you need to take a look around at what country you are living in. Bad things like that don't happen here, they may happen other places but here in Australia you got nothing to worry about."

It is a miracle there were no fatalities. Of course the Australian will be convinced this proves it can't happen here and even if it does, Australians have magical force fields of otherness that protect them from the real world. Better luck next time, God. They can consider that a warning shot over the bow.

Man is not a learning animal.

Blitz Continues

Around the clock shelling of Western civilization without surcease.

I don't even want to contemplate what kind of money is backing this blitzkreig. It must be in the billions of dollars by now. On all continents coordinated at the same time. Scarcely a day passes without another emoticon soppy sloppy beautiful Oprah moment broadcast on all channels to all available media based entirely on ambiguous appeals to children, fuzzy animals and sunflowers.

I am sure it is all driven by benign interests in the shadows who only want what is best for all of us.

Once you smash the nuclear family unit based on childrearing and the biological union of the sexes, the people fall into your hands with the leg irons pre-attached. There is nothing left standing between ordinary people and the all-powerful State. The Bolshevists knew it and that is how they captured Russia for 80+ years. Every conqueror has known  that in order to destroy all sense of purpose and all motivation for resistance you have to destroy the family unit or redefine it into meaninglessness. People lose their reasons for believing in anything but what the State tells them because all contradictions have ceased that might have arisen from oppositional culture, something that is delivered purely through the teachings of your parents to you when you grow up under their tutelage.

If my son had not grown up with me, he might have never learned to suspect anything he was told by authority figures was anything but infallible. He may have suffered all his life from a vague sense something was wrong but without a father he might have never learned to distinguish truth from the lies the State tells to consolidate their power.

You smash the family it is just like a boot crushing into a human face, forever. This boot on our throats now is unbearable, imagine what happens once the last pockets of resistance presented by the family structure are eliminated.

Cyprus Activates Self-Destruct Switch

Cyprus politicians : This whole thing is incredibly stupid and the wheels are coming off this communist farce called the European Union.

No wait, homes, you didn't understand. Let us explain it to you again - you benefit from communal rule by unelected officials you have never met who are completely unaccountable to you and you have to pay for their aid by allowing them to go in and loot your life savings. So you get punched on both ends and end up broke and dead because after all, we don't want to allow the EU to fail. After all, it is such an effective tool for destroying nations and stealing their people blind when you don't even live there. So you may think it's just a gigantic criminal scheme at first glance but what you fail to grasp is the improvamentation and enrichmentation that is available.

Hey! OMIGOD What's that in the air?!? IT's a UFO! They're are preparing to invade! Keep watching the skies, my friend! Don't look into your wallet for at least the next twenty minutes!!! (Sound of feet running away briskly, car door slams and squealing wheels)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Grand Minima Approaches

Told you. Ten years in advance. You heard it on Vault-Co first. We were the first people to realize Robert Felix was right.

Look to your right on this web page. Holocene is over on this planet. When the Holocene comes to an end, everything on this planet goes haywire including magnetic reversal/excursion. You could set your watch to the 11,500 year intervals.

I have returned to saying Grand Minima, not a Dalton Minimum. This is a Grand Minima. It's the peak of a peak of a peak in warming trends on a planet that is naturally cold most of the time.

The social structure of Britain is based on a climate framework that no longer exists. It is a lot of aging pensioners in flats heated by just-in-time deliveries of fuel oil and fed week-to-week by the local shops. We're not talking shortages like during the war. We're talking absences, like during never. When this highly contrived supply line breaks down, things will go to hell quicker than you can snap your fingers. Imagine the brilliance of importing more than 25% of your citizens from the third world shortly before this Ice Age arrived. Forget about Britain, the future is nothing but babies, the other white meat and complete anarchy in a freezing tundra that will have established itself as the world's largest graveyard.

This warming trend is what made the rise of Homo Sapiens civilization possible. Otherwise he is in no way suited for the naturally colder environment that endures on the planet. After killing the Neanderthal it is like God turned on a space heater so that the Saps could flourish and enjoy their grasshopper summer for a short stretch. The additional solar energy powered the agricultural revolution that otherwise could not have happened. Saps is not genetically equipped to survive tougher conditions long term. He's a weak sister mentally and not very good at problem solving.

My theory is that first the Sapiens misfired when it took Neanderthal females as war captives. The melonheads may have realized that the experiment was getting outside the petri dish. Bam! The agricultural revolution fuels an incredible population boom and the normally simpleminded ass-monkeys are packing Neanderthal weaponry, domesticated animals and have stolen 300 cc of brain mass. (Temporarily, until their breeding practices begin to lose it.) The pharoahs and rulers find themselves surrounded by huge numbers of difficult to control ass-monkeys who are unbelievably aggressive and warlike. Thousands are born each year who have never heard the voice of a melonhead master and the melonheads become a dwindling, weak strain of mankind driven into exile and overturned in their rules wherever you look. In all the corners of the earth we see these rulers desperately resorting to political strategems including hiding their control in the shadows so it cannot excite resentment. The melonheads become "those who wish to remain nameless" and "those who cannot be challenged." They have to concentrate on building wealth and exerting control indirectly through financial lending to the ass-monkeys, who are very similar to diversifiers in that they are always willing to borrow for short term gains. Only through these means can the new pharoahs control their former slave classes, even indirectly. The Scythians, the Khazars, The Hyksos give rise to the Hapsburgs and the Rothschilds. The pharoah can no longer wave his sceptre around and say, make it thus. He has to act through intermediaries and leveraged power.

Everybody is trying to call it now.

The looks I used to get a couple years ago. Talking about the swift return of a new Ice Age within a few short years, not millennium. You have to be careful when you're like me. Some surroundings, you talk like this you could get yourself committed ... and they probably wouldn't let you out even if they discovered later you were right all along.

I recommend Robert Felix's books, both of them. Any fair treatment of these books would conclude Mr. Felix earned himself a Nobel Prize. Any fair treatment at all. The absolute clowns they award Nobel prizes to nowadays are not bright enough to crawl on top of a step ladder and kiss Robert Felix on his ass, seriously. Even rarer is to find a great autodidact is also a great writer who makes the information accessible for his readers. Robert Felix is both a great scientific thinker and a superb writer.

Society Needs A Return To Caning

Naked asses getting savagely caned. Now there's a way to get attention on YouTube.

Almost hit that young boy with one of the containers. Autistic, empathy-free monsters.

I guarantee you show one of these kids getting caned so badly he spends a week in hospital before he can walk again, you'd nip trends like this in the bud.

Your freedoms end where the freedoms of others begin. It is really simple but a lot of people in our civilization will never be able to grasp it.

If these kids wanted to buy milk and juice and video themselves smashing them in their backyards it would still be idiotic but it would be a private failing. Doing this in a public place is reckless endangerment in my opinion. The kids in this video should do a couple months in juvenile detention to help them get their minds right.

Notice it took some dumbass kids falling to their deaths with self-kevorkianism before planking soured. As if these kids needed to hear that before they realized that balancing on a railing a couple of floors above the ground was dangerous practice and could get you killed. I have a hard time believing anybody could be that stupid but this is Saps we are talking about.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Truth Is Never Welcome Anywhere

This was actually well understood at the end of the 18th century, the problem is that man is not a learning animal. It's an urban myth about the average man being capable of learning. Homo Sapiens gave himself one of the most ironic latin nomenclatures that could possibly be imagined.

Britain shuts down centuries of history with nightmarish regime of Orwellian laws under a pall of darkness. Good riddance to bad rubbish. If they had simply surrendered under the blitz in the 1940's would it have really made any difference? They'd have a lot of lovely heritage buildings still standing and simply live under Nazi jackboots instead of the jackboots of their elites. Same jackboots, nicer architecture to look at when moving between checkpoints and being challenged for your papers.

Identical laws word-for-word by Julia Gillard have failed in Australia but only barely. She came up with this identical piece of legislation sweeping back 1200 year old English Common laws for freedom of speech and expression at the exact same time as the British through a marvelous coincidence, our "elected leader." What an amazing piece of synchronicity, that's what it is. I'm sure she is not actually working for people outside of the country. That's ridiculous to even suggest.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"City of London" IP Address

You've heard us talk about our occasional visitors from the "City of London" that pops up on the globe sometimes in Vault-Co's interactive visitor log.

Where is it? What do they do there? What is so unusual about it?

That is an IP address for people who control the planet in one way or another. They are not elected. Most people wouldn't recognize their names and if they did would find they know very little about them. Most of them own the media that the sheeple are permitted to see and many of them only bought these companies to make sure their names stay out of the limelight.

They start wars, provide the funding for them when they are raging and then decide how they conclude and with what policy advancement when the conflict ends.

Everybody answers to them, they answer to nobody. Accountability is a word that peasants and poor men must learn. Not them.

One of the reasons so many vulgar and corrupt people wish to become their servants is that the servant will be granted the same immunity from accountability as his masters possess. They too, will find that they answer to nobody as long as they serve these creatures. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh can be translated differently, instead of "gods" or "ruling elites," it can be taken to describe "those who wish not to be named," and also "they who are unchallenged by any."

Things don't really change on this planet, ten thousand years is like a day. The same collection of three types of hominids, one of them the rulers, the others their slaves ... and the wild and free ones who Humbaba describes to Enkidu as "they who will not bow their heads," and "they that even the unchallenged fear." For this reason Humbaba tells Enkidu that if he is merely killed he will become a martyr, therefore he must be condemned to a fate worse than death, he shall become a "living ghost," or a "ghost in the machine" to use more modern parlance. He will serve as an example to any that think of defying his masters.

Thieves Looting Banks Directly Now Worldwide

Bankers going bankrupt, that cannot be permitted although it has been a normal part of the business cycle for thousands of years

It's a little pain now for some or major pain for all. Wise leaders know the former is preferable. You do not protect fools from their own folly and shoring up private banks with public funds is madness.

New Zealand now to get in on the heist action with direct withdrawals from accounts that they are trusted to guard, not trusted to loot.

Tax money is not enough for them. Governments are just going to start ripping people off by making direct withdrawals from their accounts. Historically this will cause a run on the banks, of course.

Common sense in short supply in governments worldwide. Manboons are not learning animals.

Always trying to arch one eyebrow and act cool, like they know what they are doing. Buffoons. If they knew what they were doing, what in the hell would they be doing working for the government?

U.S. Dairy Adds New Secret Ingredient : Aspartame

I definitely wish I was making this one up. This is truly through the looking glass, Alice.

If I lived in the U.S. I would stop drinking milk altogether and I love the stuff. Unless I could source it from somewhere I knew it was free of this crap.

Aspartame is one step up from drinking formaldehyde. I know because I used to be addicted to that poison. Horrible stuff. "Pepsi Max." The best way to gain fat in the shortest time. Diet soda is greased rails to the grave.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Coincidence, To Be Sure

Just as a sweeping new set of draconian laws is introduced ramrodded through in Australia to control the press, so too sets of similar laws are being forced through in Britain and in America at the same time.

We are supposed to believe all three nations are governed through "demockrassies" where people elect leaders interested in the greatest good of their own people, not mere representatives of world government bodies that were never elected. We are led to believe many things. There's a big difference between what the humans say and what the humans mean. A big difference between what they purport to be the truth and what is the truth.

Power has always lent itself to people who advance through deception. As the population themselves have become more deceptive and less honest in their everyday dealings with one another, so they have become more and more vulnerable to super-predators who occupy the class structure above their status. Each man who has decided to obtain what he wants or needs in life through little white lies does not know it but he makes himself easy prey for elites who know he can be made subject to their will with gigantic whoppers.

Every time somebody like me is suppressed in speaking his true thoughts you are opening the door to other people, far less benign, who will restrict everyone in the criticism or analysis they are able to employ regarding the conditions they are forced to live in. The price to pay for freedom of speech for village idiots is far less dear than the price paid to preserve the rule of corrupt and dishonest men in the highest echelon of society.

This is why the health of civilization has often been weighed by judging it on how many gadflies it will tolerate. As the gulf grows between the reality and what is publicly acceptable to speak of, so too the distance between what a society claims to be and what it really is drifts into irreverence in terms of what is heard out loud. Societies that are starving to death erect Potemkin villages of cardboard peasants waving happily at passing trains because they have become incapable of recognizing and responding to problems that could be pointed out by almost anyone. A civilization is a temporary state of affairs that you have until the day comes that nobody can bear to hear the truth said out loud any longer.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Vault-Co Blog Targets A Million Hits This Month

Can you imagine a blog with no advertisements, no ideology, no agenda and selling nothing getting over a million hits on the internet? Written by some severely retarded Asperger halfwit as a series of polemics on whatever strikes his fancy on any given day? Who wastes their time reading gibberish like this?

Do yourself a favor people, pretend it is an accident on the highway and make a conscious effort not to rubberneck as you drive past. Just let that tragedy play out privately. You'll only encourage him.

I figure the original Vault-Co likely had a million hits since 1998 (When it used to be called "TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT") so it is more like two million hits coming up.

Of course, anybody but a born loser would find something to sell by now with that kind of traffic. It would be the sensible thing to do.

I have no excuse. I can't think of anything to sell that you actually need and I feel like it would be vulgar to offer anything here.

I've been thinking for around ten years or so I would sell the guide for VAULT-OS off this site and give the source away for free. If I manage to finish my game up this year I will make that my next goal to complete. As has been the case with my game, people may be really shocked to see just how far I actually got with VAULT-OS all this time without ever getting a release version out. I have carefully archived all my source builds in C++ 16/32 bits DOS, Windows, Linux, Powerbasic For DOS and VB-DOS, so I may release those earlier experiments as-is and see if anybody else finds them useful to any degree.

How On Earth Could You Go Broke In Coal?

Seems impossible. It is like a license to print money in Australia.

I guess if you try hard enough, you can even botch this. This industry is like a firehose spraying $1000.00 bills on Australia around the clock. All you really have to do is hold the bucket out to catch the money.

Is Australia On The Brink Of An Epidemic?

There's a killer strain of TB going around that has cultured in the most unfortunate.

It's not a comeuppance or just desserts. If it happens, it will be due to abdication of government responsibility. The government has been tasked to quarantine disease for thousands of years. Failing to do so with these patients could get really ugly really quickly.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Sad Story About A Defeated People

It's a sad story of fail. It is like when you hear about third world countries surrendering their arms prior to mass genocides or invasions by other nations. It's a sad story when men no longer have any options in life.

A sad story about sad people doing sad things. Hipster doofuses eager to repeat the mistakes of history.

I've lived in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Washington, D.C. and I cannot remember any of those places ever posting bodycounts like these. I guess in all of those places, there is still some deterrent for criminals committing random murder that has ceased to exist in Australia. Working out about as good as prohibition usually works out every few generations. Manboons are not learning animals.

I am fifty this year and I can assure you, with a half century of observation, the urban myth about people being capable of learning or thinking is a myth equivalent to The Loch Ness Monster or stories about UFO abductions and anal probing. Those are delusional ideas with no evidence to support them. People believe in these things not because they make any sense but because they appeal to them emotionally. In my experience, the average human being is incapable of reasoning. If my assertion were true it could be easily demonstrated - people would always refer to whatever "consensus" held sway at the moment instead of resorting to their own judgement, because it could not be trusted. What would be important to them is "what everybody else agrees is true," not what is true. Which of course, is the case and always has been for this be-boppin' bipedal bonobo.

Kwa Tries To Respond To Chinese Nuclear Tunnels

Except the money, willpower and brains doesn't exist anymore in that country to build infrastructure like this.

I'd bet you anything they have approached the inner circle about sharing their existing subterranean shuttle network and they got knocked back. "It is more important that critical government staff have those trains for their own use in an emergency. You can't dual purpose those for military transport. Besides, they are very costly and where will the budget come from?"

They'll have to build new tunnels completely separate from the present ones to run these through and I bet you they won't tolerate them coming close to the existing web of rails for the elites to use. Also, they will costs trillions of dollars they are unwilling at this point to spend and take a decade of running those extremely expensive nuclear burrowing machines. I'd bet you it is getting tougher by the day to find people who know how to operate and maintain those machines.

That's why I think they won't get built. The Kwa is too broke and even if they had the money they lack the manhood for great building projects like this anymore.

Maybe they can just get Amrail to double task their coal car runs and strap the nukes on the caboose as additional cargo at bargain rates. That is the only option they could afford.

Kwanstainia, We Hardly Knew Ye

200 Years and then wiped out. Dead. Vaporized. Will look like Detroit everywhere in a couple of generations.

The women got liberated. From existence. The men got made extraneous. They deported themselves biologically off their own territory. Naturalists call this "losing." Permanently.

What a sordid little dump. Who in their right mind would live in this toilet?

Gillard Trying To Lock The Leg Irons On Before She And Her Party Booted Out

They mixed a bit of tripe about limiting media concentration with their Orwellian "Right-Think" Commissions to try to fool the sheeple into supporting this draconian drivel.

Her masters told her she would be well cared for but she had to enact one more set of absolutely ridiculous laws over freedom of speech before the Australians voters throw her and her sellout party out on their asses.

Vault-Co Calls It : This is a Scam

CERN is afraid they are going to get shut down like so many other particle accelerators all over the world if they don't justify their existence.

I will tell you why it is a scam. The Higgs Boson had a series of tests that could be applied to it to determine if it was correct that are implied by it's very nature.

All this doesn't make any sense a year after they claimed to have "discovered something." They should have announced that this particle passed the simple series of tests described again and again for it's presence.

Notice they have not done that.

It is very likely, as has happened so many times in the past, these guys will ride a wave of social engineering and sheer bullsh*t into a Nobel prize before the science is even in. Then, a couple years from now, somebody will point out this particle never passed any of the classic tests designed to detect it. It will be too late then, these scienmajists will have spent the money and there will be no refunds.

Why are particle accelerators getting their budgets slashed all over the world? Because they are useless and no practical applications are ever produced by their farting into test tubes and arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. They can protest all they want but where are the incredible applications? Where's my hoverboard? Oh, that's right, sixty years of particle research have been just as expensive and just as pointless as fifty years of "cancer research." Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

William Shockley discovered more applicable principles of matter working in a lab with nothing but some sinks and soldering irons. Shockley and De Forest advanced science more in a given week than any of the frauds involved in this crap have done in their entire lives.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Interesting Chapter In Archaeology

These finds would have demolished the narrative of the past 200 years, therefore they were frauds

It reminds me of the church elders refusing to look through Galileo's telescope ... or Dr. Zaius with Taylor at the end of PLANET OF THE APES ignoring a talking doll from the excavation of the ancient civilization.

One of the problems with the art from the dig here was that they had sensibilities that were just too "modern" to stomach. When people look at the bear muzzle on the wall of Lascaux in France, it resembles high quality linework like you might see in a Frazetta graphic comic book, except done with such exquisite precision it would have needed a Picasso behind it to draw.

People only compromise by claiming it must have been done by our ancestors but even then they remain uneasy at this lie because they know that the evidence shows their own kind were unlikely to display such sensitivity and keen enthusiasm for anything other than warfare, even now.

"Jacob" in Hebrew means "To plagiarize," "A Swindler," "Someone who stands on the shoulders of another," "Someone who claims something as their own which they have stolen," "Someone who is nothing without the work of another," "To usurp or take the place of the more worthy." A coincidence, to be sure.

"Esau" is "the good son," "strong solid man of the Earth," "a problem solver," "man of action," "a man of prowess and ability," "the original heir," and of course "man of arms," "great sinews," "a person who excels all others," "covered with hair all over," "the worthy one who was here before." A coincidence, to be sure.

What these ancient inflections in the words signify for us is that after tens of thousands of years of oral traditions preserving this metaphor of the two brothers, the basic qualities of the two brothers is information that has been preserved largely intact. Even 38,000 years after the genocide of these people, despite numerous attempts to paint it as a righteous act, we still hear echoes and implied aspects of the story that tell us it was not quite as we have been told to interpret the account in the modern era. The survivors knew something quite terrible had been done and to guess what is really being preserved here we need look no farther than the bones of male Neanderthals with teethmarks in them in campfires all over Europe.

One immediately thinks of the ancient legends of the ghoul who only acquires the knowledge of good and evil after consuming a conscience from the soul of the victim he cannibalizes. For a short while after his gruesome feast, he cries tears of guilt and has all the memories of those he has eaten. Then this fades and his basic nature returns which is perverse hunger. In this instance, the ghoul's memory seems to have persisted for 38,000 years after his meal.

P.S. Was just watching a soccer riot on YouTube somebody mailed me a link to and I was thinking how absolutely opposite in every way the people in the riot were from the people who painted the caves in Lascaux. Some guy was screaming at the top of his lungs and swinging off a light pole while throwing glass bottles of beer at passing cars. No way is there anybody in that guy's family tree who was at Lascaux. No way. That is science fiction. These are Jacob's children.

But The Soviet Union Was Messed Up, You See

Truth serum for "bad people" now approved by court

This is the way it started in the Soviet Union in the 30's.

Then the police started to use it not just on "suspects," but also "witnesses" and sometimes, just for laughs and where women were fairly good looking.

Since you cannot be compelled to testify against yourself according to the Bill of Rights, this is clearly trashing the Constitution once and for all. All that edajamfacashun and judges can't even tell the difference between right and wrong according to the rule of law.

Gun Registration Works

... for criminals.

Registrar compromised, probably passed around dens of organized crime like shopping catalogues. They knew exactly where, how many, what room. Some cop must be working some extra-curricular income.

Media claims people are clamoring for gun seizure. Well, the criminals are doing your work for you, Mr. Media. You can always count on them being well-armed. Looks like they are stocking up thanks to the gun registration laws.

Gun control is exactly like looking for your lost car keys under a street lamp at night. The light is better there, you see. Well, yeah. That doesn't mean you are going to find your keys.

The poor people who drift into government jobs here are a little slow on the draw. They seem to have trouble drawing conclusions and seeing consequences of their own actions. Like prohibition, at some point you must realize you have to stop and wonder if what you are doing is making anything better or simply turning over more and more power to criminals.

Stupid, stupid bastards. People who don't even know what they don't know. Don't even know they don't know what they don't know. Like knowing less than nothing about anything. Convinced they know it all. Their brain is a rainbow in an absolute vacuum and they are so happy they could jump.

Guffamint peeple are intellamajent and know what is best for you, so stop resisting them. Just because they are people who have failed miserably as individuals doesn't mean they can't help millions of other people out by imposing insane, genocidal lunatic laws on them.

Earth Changes

I'm scared of these tsunamis here on the Gold Coast. I don't want to tell you how scared I am. I am real scared. I'm 120 meters above sea level and I am not sure that was high enough now that I know the history of this region. They've had regular waves higher than that come through here in the past. Any region that faces the Ring of Fire has got a problem. Now I realize this.

When we bought our property, I just assumed that with the Barrier Reef shallows there and 120 meters there would never be anything to worry about. I think I was wrong about that. I learned a little bit more since we settled in.

For those of you who don't know, all of the phenomenon above are explainable as an expression of intense volcanic and tectonic activity, most of it deep in the ocean where you don't see it. That includes the fish kills which are schools caught underwater by scalding hot sulfur and acidic compounds.

You're Never Better Than Your Leadership


Calls for the government to impose failure on the non-diverse by any means available.
A key leader in the black community and a driving force in support of the lawsuit, who wishes to remain anonymous, bemoaned the “disturbing tendency of black electorates to not elect the smartest and brightest, or even the cleverest.”
"Tendency?" You gotta be kidding me. They vote for idiots who can't pass gas without burning down half the city and resorting to cannibalism. They turned what might have been an orderly evacuation of Katrina into a death camp of waterlogged corpses of the elderly.

Show me the alternative to this "tendency." Anywhere on earth will do just fine. If they can vote, they will vote in halfwits and morons who will instantly engage in whole scale criminal enterprise at the expense of everyone no matter what their race. When one wins, everybody else in this solar system loses.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quality Vault-Co Product On Offer Here

If you can arrange for pickup in Queensland, Australia you might find some use for this.

My wife told me either the door goes or she does.

I had to pause to think for a long time. Lovely door. Solid cast-iron bulletproof marine door. Surely I will find a use for it one of these days, although nothing comes to mind at present. A once-in-a-lifetime door. How soon will it be again before I come across a door like this?

I was still quietly thinking to myself.

She shouted "I need an answer!"

I said, "Of course, honey! I will get rid of the door, obviously. Although ... you know ..." (Lost in reverie thinking of beautiful door again)

The Coming Plagues

Superbugs eat flesh all summer long. Manboons flail ineptly at them with crappy antibiotic strains that barely worked when they were released, now serve as high octane body fuel for microbes. Socialized medicine is the gift that keeps on giving. Britain's national health care system has been giving out antibiotics like party favors for 70 years for conditions as severe as toothache, psoriasis and athlete's foot. Stunned that this resulted in eventual backlash by the well-hung gunslingers of the micro-biotic world.

Shock : Carb-Eating Slave Diet Kills Slaves

Yes, it is true. If you feed your slaves the only food that is cheap, easy to produce and accessible then those slaves will die of clogged arteries.

After they have had a useful and productive life as slaves, of course. Slavery is not about retirement. It is about slavery.

Mummies found mysteriously wrapped in caramel bacon, cheesewhip and butter-fried marshmallows. Scientists puzzled to deduce what killed them. Carb-eating bastards. It's called the diet of Cain and it will turn your insulin into a system-wide grease-plug.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Triumph of Feminism

It is truly creepy what is happening out there. Really disturbing.

Is this a snap reflex from population pressure that is millions of years old? Did a melonhead add this to ass monkey genes in order to make sure they would be self-limiting? Would not surprise me a bit.

Seriously, lately I have been getting a "Screwfly Solution" vibe ... not just on this blog, but from the whole internet. Where is all this stuff coming from, fellas?

It is weird. It seems the real aggression here is not fed by the struggle against the masculination of women but rather the effeminization of men. It is downright eerie and feels odd.

"Rods From God" Military Hardware Captured In Geostationary Orbit

Idiots at NASA accidentally let slip footage of military delivery system

That's a titanium rod "gun" pointed at the planet below in orbit. That's exactly what it would look like and exactly the orbital attitude it would be parked at.

The idiots at the site think it is an alien craft. That ain't no alien craft. That's a U.S. military space weapon.

They are the cheapest low-tech system you could possibly imagine. A hole opens up, gravity pulls a slender titanium rod out of it's sheath and it hurtles earthward gaining acceleration without wind resistance. By the time it hits the ground it is carrying the kinetic energy of a nuclear weapon concentrated in the tip. They don't need maintenance, require little monitoring and the operation is so simple a child could design one if they had the means to get it into orbit. Likely as not you could leave them up there a century and they would be as functional as the day you put them in orbit. So accurate they could probably hit a dime from up there.

These devices are what the secret shuttles are running supplies to. Somebody is plotting a coup of the entire planet. They probably hope that when news of these breaks they will already have so much gear up there that resistance by any country will be futile.

Donald Rumsfeld was bragging on camera about these when he worked in the White House, describing them as America's ace-in-the-hole to use against other nations complaining about their sovereignty. The globalists plan on using these to enforce the will of a world government.

See why I thank God at night for Russia and China? God bless and keep the only possible opposition left. This world needs balance and limits and these two countries continue to provide it.

Classic Mousterian Innovator

Steven Wozniak, almost archetypical of the breed on the Basque side. Looks like he could have stepped down from a museum exhibit. Note the funny warble in the voice despite having clearly greater lung capacity and a larger diaphragm for air in his barrel chest. That is the hyoid bone in the throat muting the bass. Do you think these creatures were mainly occupied with warfare like Homo Sapiens or mostly occupied with thinking, dreaming and exchanging ideas?

This was the real brains at Apple, not Steven Jobs. Also see how despite getting screwed blind by Jobs, he doesn't seem to nurse grievances or store up grudges as Sapiens does. Just interested in the next most interesting idea.

This makes him a good loser and a good sport, the type of person that Homo Sapiens both male and female despise over all other personalities. Yet this man would have been considered by the females in his tribe to be nearly genetically perfect and more desirable than all other men. They would have thought Steven Jobs to be some sort of freakish gender bending tranny in comparison. The Neanderthal female would have seen Woz as being clearly superior in his impulse control and indifferent to mild slights from others, regarded him as a dominant and strong male with no weaknesses in him whatsoever. The same sensitivity to "loss of face" that occupies the mostly theatrical Sapiens would have been a death sentence on the smaller Neanderthal tribes which could not afford a soap opera of oneupsmanship running 24/7 amongst the males.

Mike mentions at the end the good natured practical joker that is typical. Always likes to play small, unexpected pranks on people to give them a little start without anybody's feelings getting hurt. I love jokes like these, they are the very best. This is also part of practicing tracking techniques and small game hunting.

As another Neanderthal, even though a different flavor, I would instantly defer to this male as the leader. You just have that sense that Woz would be the best bet to lead the way on things. It is a no-brainer for me. For Homo Sapiens, it is always a no-brainer.

All of this becomes much clearer when you see the striking evidence that Mousterian and Amuds lived within shouting distance of each other and apparently were on extremely good terms. The Mousterians must have been beloved by the Amuds, the physical differences in appearance of no matter to them. There would have had to be much retained by both species that they just recognized one another and felt the kinship that was there.

I am imagining myself as another highly intelligent race watching this from the outside and seeing the growing ability to cooporate between these tribes, the lack of animosity and the friendly circle that was gradually being extended all around them in a growing network of Neanderthals. I am imagining myself as thinking ... "These guys are getting dangerous now. They used to be kind of funny. Now it's getting serious. We need to do something about these people before they really start to dig their heels in and get their second wind on this planet."

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fukushima Has One Quake Left In It

 ... and then it will collapse into a toxic radioactive air generator for the entire planet that will run for a thousand years.

I just got my second USB interfaced adaptive range geiger counter. Now I have to hook them up to a Vault-OS web page.

Tyrants Without Wisdom or Sanity

The U.S. government does not believe that individuals can do anything that they don't know about, including privates sales of anything to one another. They do not understand the American system of government nor do they grasp the Constitution. The only right that is ceded to them is the right to regulate commerce between the States and that is simply to make sure it all goes smoothly. The Founding Fathers gave them just one right under the Constitution and they have leveraged it over 200 years to interpret it to give them absolute tyranny over the mass, air, water and sound that travels within the borders of the nation at first and then extended it to the entire planet.

All psychotic personalities hate the idea of anybody but them having any inherent dignity or right to privacy in their own affairs. They're not the real weirdos, however. The real weirdos are the ordinary sapiens who instinctively feel they have an inherent right to this kind of power. That is manifestly weird.

The real treason is in the elected officials who have made virtually no effort to stop any of this. They are worse than the chattering degenerates of the late era Roman Senate.

U.S government has already dropped the Bill of Rights from the legal system. Annoying troublemaking clause by the peasants, unnecessary in a bold new world of edjamafacashun. 

Peasants need to keep generating tax revenues and the government need not tell them anything of their own conduct.

Rulers outlaw booing or negative reactions in Town Hall. Nero and his violin would applaud their brave initiative.

Snore. Pushing the establishment of Stalin-style registries in America. A bolshevist never changes.

Feinstein thinks PTSD is only a recent phenomenon from the Iran War. The entire generation of World War I came home and screamed themselves to sleep for twenty years. I could write everything this woman knows about human history on the back of a postage stamp and have room for the entire Constitution. Bolshevist moron knows any revolutions usually start with veterans because they are not scared of the government any more and realize how full of crap they are. Feinstein shows clear evidence of the beginnings of dementia and early senility. Do we have Alzenheimer's patients drafting legislation now?

The Emperor of Ice Cream

In the beginning at Vault-Co after we had read very extensively on the subject for more than three years, we were originally predicting a Grand Minima in the near future. This is a very deep Ice Age characteristic of most of Earth's history during it's existence.

Over the years we revised that to a Maunder Minimum and lately we have tapered this further and suggested this coming cold cycle may be another mini-Ice Age before the actual Ice Age sets in.

As research often shows it can be your first guess that turns out to be right.

It is during Grand Minima that the sun is placid and bare, with brief periods of unparalleled ferocity and huge solar-magnetic flares. This is the reason that all the volcanism (most of it on the ocean floor) happens down here on Earth. These are the peak opportunities for magnetic reversals and excursions.

Post-Atomic Billboards!

Incredible as it may sound, the U.S. government had planned designs for nationwide billboard systems it would post after an attack to keep the public informed.

Many comments on the forum point out that as crude as this communication system may seem it is far superior to any plans the U.S. government has in place now. The U.S. government no longer worries about what happens to its citizens in the post-attack climate at all. They're on their own before, during and after.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Edjamafacashun Power Dominates Workforce

Put'em in front of a computer, work will come out. It's a cargo cult for information.

If you put a person who can't read or write in front of a computer, does magic productivity come out? Yes but utilizing the edjamafacashun power of winnarz.

If I was dictator for a day I'd tell the entire Western population to sit down, shut up and listen to my instructions while I had people pass out McGuffey's Readers textbooks from 1836. I would tell them nobody gets up to go to the bathroom or asks for a glass of water until you prove you can either read that book out loud while we listen or else you break down sobbing and confess you are and have been a functional illiterate your entire life faking it almost since the day you were born. Either way, that's a good start and probably the radical solution that would be needed to effect any kind of meaningful reform.

Start with the reality of the situation and then there is nowhere to go but up. Insist on pretending you are edjamafacated and you will never even get the basic skills needed to function at all in modern society.

These kinds of people are killing us. They are killing the West. We have a guy exactly like this in the highest executive office of the land in the United States. These types of phony people are killing the West. They are running it into the ground.

I was watching a speech last night by Gillard and marveling at her rambling inability to even make a point when she was talking. She drifted all over the place, emoting here and then there and littering her dialogue with colorful sentiments and beautiful platitudes. When she was done, I was not quite certain what it was she was talking about or what she was trying to say. Kids like this need to be held back a grade until they can give at least a simple oral presentation of a few paragraphs without drifting off into aphasic gibberish. Julia, what is the point you are making? Do you even have one? Send this kid back to first grade and tell the school psychologist we have a developmental disorder here. This kid can barely speak, a skill commonly required of humans for certain. We have no fangs or claws. All we got is an opposable thumb, upright gait and social cooporation through the semantic content in our speech. If you're missing any of those you're probably not qualified for leadership.

Earth : Pull My Finger, Humans

It is really hard for people to comprehend the role that methane has played in mass extinctions.

During transitional periods of increased tectonic movements and undersea  volcanism, mass releases of methane have been documented as involved in the extinction of entire species and wiped out whole swaths of biological classifications. When ignited, methane releases have released more power than atomic weapons and flattened subcontinents.

I wish I was making this stuff up. I am just repeating it. It's hard to believe but fossils and soil strata don't lie. There are often traces of the methane trapped within the clay which reveal the concentration at the time.

The only thing that can really protect the ecosystem from methane releases is the miracle gas that sustains life, carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide replaces methane in hydrates over time and is harmless. Pray for higher concentrations of carbon dioxide everywhere. Smoke'em if you got'em. Do your part to save the planet. Try burning really toxic lawn furniture or rotting old newspapers every day to try to contribute to the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Other than being crucial to agriculture, this appears to be one of the primary benefits of CO2 because it has no effect on warming whatsoever. I can't imagine a dumber course of action than to make a concerted effort to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. You are signing your own death warrant.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"We are the only limit on our own power."

Elect a Kenyan in the Kwanstain, you have a third world dictator given first world technology.

Barack Obama was a "Constitutional Lawyer" who doesn't appear to be bright enough to have understood a word of it.

Obama was a crackhead, down-low brother who never showed up for class and had a chip on his shoulder a mile wide against everybody on the planet. It is God's fault his mother was a gangbang whore for the communist party and loved him less than his father did which was none at all. I promise you that if you read about any of Obama's interactions with any other members of the planet before he became President you will hear the same phrase over and over again : "Sneered and turned his back to me." I saw him debating Alan Keyes and when he began to stutter so badly you could not even understand what he was saying he did the same thing to Alan. Sneered and turned his back to his debate opponent.

This dude is scum. I mean, hardcore serious scum as a human being. I knew black drug dealers in New York city that would have thought twice before hanging out with this asshole. Even they would have thought something to be essentially wrong with this person.

I am not being sarcastic when I say I feel sorry for the younger Barack. I can only imagine what it feels like to grow up with neither parent caring enough for you to stick around. That's cold as hell and in many ways his plight is worse than being orphaned.

However, it is also about what you did with all of it.

There is no way that a man like this was ever qualified for the highest executive office in the world.

He knows it. He's a bastard and he hates the country that elected him. Hates it to the bone and would give anything to destroy it. It reminds him of who and what he is.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mainstream Media Suffers Truth Leak On Amuds

Remember this rule of thumb : if you hear it on Vault-Co it is nutty fringe theory by a raving lunatic. Six months later if the exact same thing is on televitz it means that it is credible scientific fact.

If you apply this rule in all circumstances you will never risk being accused of suffering from total insanity and mental confusion.

Our society is exactly like the Dark Ages except it is no longer legal to beat your shins with steel rods for heresy. This could be considered a kind of progress, in fact. Now I understand why people think they are so much more advanced than their ancestors.

Remember the instant you concede this might be possible you are also conceding that they would have needed pots to transfer and store this stuff. So right there you have been bitch slapped by pottery making, clay harvesting, kilns to cure the pots. It doesn't matter if they were crude clay pots fired by simple ovens. Once you get this far, arguing over whether or not Neanderthals could speak makes you sound more ridiculous than the craziest members of the Spanish Inquisition in the 1400's.

Go a little farther and admit the Neanderthals domesticated some animals and before you know it, you will realize there is barely anything left to attribute to spear-chucking gang rapist cannibal Cro-Magnon. Just stealing this stuff off dead bodies does not constitute innovation of any kind. If a black dude breaks into your home and kills you then steals your stereo it doesn't mean we attribute the invention of vacuum tubes and solid state electronics to that dude. See what is being talked about here?

Typical fraud in the skull game exposed recently. This is the rule in modern "science," not the exception.

When Vault-Co tells you that the Amud were nearly indistinguishable from modern people, no more different from them than Werner Von Braun and Colin Wilson, that is not something I just made up. That's something I learned about by seeing the skulls involved and hearing what a lot of academics talk about behind closed doors nowadays. What they say amongst themselves and what they tell the rubes are two different things, very similar to the sorts of people who work at the carnival.

Gun Control = Misogyny = Hatred of Women

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the desire to leave women with nothing but natural inequalities standing between them and the predations of males is absolutely an expression of repressed homosexuality and a loathsome hatred of women.

When I imagine some strange woman I have never met being menaced by another male somewhere in the world, I find that if I then visualize her pulling out a concealed handgun and sending him packing (I have seen it happen several times in my own life) that my brain rewards me for this visualization with a little burst of serotonin in my brain. It is pleasant for me to contemplate. That is because I am (everything is relative) a very healthy and normally developed male. (Can't speak for the other 99%) My brain is geared to protect women and children even at my own expense. Scenarios that result in them escaping unharmed no matter what becomes of me are pleasing to me. It feels like I have won some sort of victory or spiked the ball in the end zone. Nature has engineered the male brain to work this way.

Although the notion of disarming strange males I will never meet is manifestly repugnant (collective strategies for group safety come into play subconsciously here, again symptomatic of normally descended testicles and male brain development) it cannot even compare to the effect that imagining "women" in general going about with no means to defend themselves against the thugs crowding the ranks of Homo Sapiens. My brain releases a chemical that causes me discomfort and pain when I visualize this. I wish I could be there personally to protect them and because this is not possible, imagining them sufficiently armed to cope without me leaves me feeling distinctly relieved and assured. There's something I don't have to worry about. This is all normal male response from the past 1.2 million years of adaptive genetic changes in the Neanderthal bloodline. Anxieties are relieved when I think of the important treasures of the gene pool (women and children) being safe and secure in their lives and dignity.

Many other modern males don't respond in this way because most of them are damaged goods, albeit a response to diet or endocrinal disruptors in the environment. Some of them are born this way but I suspect a great many just do not develop in the correct fashion as they age in a response to environmental stresses of all kinds including overcrowding.

Now one thing you should know about Australians, particularly the Australian male, is that the entire nation appears to be structured to serve as some kind of rape camp for females. Sorry if that is a really weird thing to say or repulsive to contemplate but I have twenty years of observation here to draw upon. The Australian male (on average) has the most cowardly and craven character you could humanly conceive of. The only thing he is missing is whiskers. One of the first things I realized after being twelve months in this country is that no female is safe left unaccompanied with one of these men. The second their primary protector is out of range the bullying will start and it will escalate as far as the "male" involved thinks they can get without risking injury. Any woman unaccompanied in this country will be bullied by the first male she encounters. You might think that implies the males here are not much better than women themselves. You're onto something there, trust me. Imagine a woman with shrunken testicles and 10% more muscle mass and you're nearly an expert on Australian culture. Surveys have shown repeatedly that more than half the female population of Australia would prefer to die childless old maids than to marry one of the males of their own nation. More than half. That is a profoundly telling statistic. Gun control is tyranny when imposed on males but it is simply another aspect of female genocidal public policy when executed upon women. It is a crime against all mankind to require females to go about without the option to arm themselves. In Australia, it is a means for the males to gang up on the female population and strip them of any means of self-defense against their ruthless depredations. Tell a single mother alone in the suburbs to call the police when she hears somebody breaking into her home at midnight. Ask yourself what kind of sick twisted effete bastard is pleased at himself to leave women in general this vulnerable.

These are the real biological underpinnings of the unconscious urge to disarm other people. Don't listen to what men tell you because they are not big on self-understanding. Nine-tenths of the population of the earth utterly lack the capacity to understand themselves or what causes them to act as they do. Beneath the substrate of their superficial hollow words and chin music lies a hatred of females as the torchbearers of reproduction and a revulsion for all life itself. Gun grabbers are a death cult driven by madness and madmen who are without founding principles for their existence.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Advance For Terminator Units

Dissident StomperBot Practices Crowd Control By Flinging Expedient Projectiles

Of all the weird things I have ever predicted on Vault-Co I assume that my ravings about the coming robot revolution in 2003 were the strangest. A lot of people were convinced I was offering proof I was definitely some kind of paranoid schizophrenic. Some thought it was clear I had confused reality and science fiction cinema in my head somehow.

In fact, my constant tinkering with low budget electronics at the bottom of the supply food chain were what tipped me off to all of this. I knew the day had arrived when you could purchase a handful of very sensitive and accurate servos for a dollar. Coupled with the fact that flesh'n'blood soldiers were becoming so hard to maintain and train I knew there would be a huge military boom in this technology.

Making a robot to be your friend and carry on a conversation with you is pretty complex stuff that could be a century away. On the other hand, making a robot that can track and kill human beings is relatively simple in comparison. Most graduate engineers with sufficient supplies could build one that would be effective.

If you look at the design of this robot "Big Dog," (All DARPA funded, remember, military application first) you will see that what they are really constructing here is a titanium Dire Wolf, the ancient enemy of mankind. Only these dumbasses are going to give these wolves dextrous hands with opposable thumbs and instead of communication socially with howls they are going to talk to each other with real-time radio feeds at roughly the speed of light.

This doesn't turn out well. It bodes very, very ugly wars on the horizon.

Scared yet? Then don't watch this because you will have to throw away your drawers afterwards.

Remember, this is what they are willing to go public with. The real tech they don't let you see is likely 5-10 years ahead of this already.

"The ultimate goal of the project is to design robots that could someday aid in disaster response."

Yes. That's it. That is why DARPA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on their development. I knew they must have a motive for doing so.

Reprint : Who Built The Moon?

An oldie but goodie from Vault-Co.

Lines up to perfectly occlude the sun during an eclipse. We think nothing of it.

Our Leaders, Bravely Waging The Wars That Will Be Fought By Other People

It's a tough job planning World War III but these guys will buckle down until they reach their goals and make the world safe for Israel.

If those other nations were not such a potential threat they would not be forced to always be threatening them. The problem is they are always forced to be over there doing stuff that leads to other nations doing stuff which leads to war. This is Homo Sapiens logic in action.

Find me somebody who knows about the Cuban missile crisis and then ask them if they knew this entire situation was precipitated by Kennedy putting missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia.

Now ask yourselves if these same people ... who are always telling you that peasants like yourselves have no need of civil defense or the right to self defense ... are willing to forego their own vault systems and the armies of men that provide their protection from their own citizens and the consequences of their own actions. Ask yourselves why they are ordering billions of rounds of ammunition and freeze-dried food years in advance to the point where the manufacturers do not have any outputs left over to even spare for the civilian sector. It is because these valiant men are willing to fight anyone who opposes them anywhere with their nations tax dollars, including taxpayers. It is a difficult job for a patriot but the perks are sweet. You get to act like you are rabid and be a ruthless monomaniacal tyrant and eschew all principles that govern the behavior of people who are sane. Plus power, women and all the booze you can drink.

It never fails to astonish me that ordinary people will sneer at the notion of private defense shelters when the government spends enormous sums of their tax money to build precisely those structures for their own use. The difference being that the common man barely has the means to provide for his own defense after the government has stripped him clean of tax revenues.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amud Literary Notables : Colin Wilson

The author of the seminal book "The Outsider" who described the feeling of having been "imported from an alien world" into a hostile and completely incompatible social structure. Wrote extensively on the feeling that "one's own kind had somehow moved elsewhere and left you in the company of strangers with whom you will never find common cause."

Notice in the photo on Wikipedia the classic curious wave in the hair and natural cowlicks. This man looks like he could be related to me. His eye sockets retreat dramatically on both sides. Observe something in his expression and gaze that tell us this person is very unlikely to want to hurt or exploit us, rather he wants to speak with us, to share ideas with us. We know instinctively how to recognize such people even if we don't know the names of the species involved ... or at least didn't know until recently.

If you read the Wikipedia entry, you will see that despite never advocating any kind of political change he was labeled a "fascist" by crazy R-type Cro-Magnons because he seemed obsessed with laws, principles of behaviour and defining what was the best conduct for men to most benefit one another. Lots of people were disappointed in Colin Wilson after his literary debut when he began to write mostly on things that interested him that were at the periphery of ordinary consciousness, piercing some kind of veil inside our minds that appears to be designed to keep us from discovering the truth about ourselves.

Interview with the New York Times. The melonheads hate this guy because he's a troublemaking rodeo clown going around trying to stir their slave classes to ideas and ambitions they are not entitled to have. Their lot in life is to serve and this critter is putting notions into their heads of their own innate dignity and the all-around goodness of existence. Dangerous men, these children of Enkidu.

100% Amud, strongly somatotyped. Look at face carefully to see resemblance to Von Braun. The Amud females were essentially cloning their males with sexual selection. They must have liked the mix they got genetically after a million years of polishing it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feminism Has Liberated Us All

... from families, children, decent jobs, a nation and happiness.

The liberation has consisted of sending women back to 18th century factory conditions where they can toil the rest of their lives at meaningless jobs without the interference of pregnancies with their tax revenues generation.

Betty Friedan never did any work like this in her life, girls. You got suckered big-time. Bolshevite Betty had a maid do the housework 7 days a week and didn't even know how to operate a broom.

From freedom back to slavery and bondage, over and over again. The entire Western world got conned right out of their lives and their futures. People were taught to complain about the suburban bliss of the 1950's, describing it as an oppressive regime. Bake sales, picnics and afternoon tea.

You tell me who works in the oppressive regime now. This problem won't go away for a couple of centuries or so.

It takes a long time to build up a healthy society and civilization and only a couple of years to tear it all down. It is much easier to destroy than to create. That is why the advantage always lies with the destroyers.