Monday, March 11, 2013

Gun Registration Works

... for criminals.

Registrar compromised, probably passed around dens of organized crime like shopping catalogues. They knew exactly where, how many, what room. Some cop must be working some extra-curricular income.

Media claims people are clamoring for gun seizure. Well, the criminals are doing your work for you, Mr. Media. You can always count on them being well-armed. Looks like they are stocking up thanks to the gun registration laws.

Gun control is exactly like looking for your lost car keys under a street lamp at night. The light is better there, you see. Well, yeah. That doesn't mean you are going to find your keys.

The poor people who drift into government jobs here are a little slow on the draw. They seem to have trouble drawing conclusions and seeing consequences of their own actions. Like prohibition, at some point you must realize you have to stop and wonder if what you are doing is making anything better or simply turning over more and more power to criminals.

Stupid, stupid bastards. People who don't even know what they don't know. Don't even know they don't know what they don't know. Like knowing less than nothing about anything. Convinced they know it all. Their brain is a rainbow in an absolute vacuum and they are so happy they could jump.

Guffamint peeple are intellamajent and know what is best for you, so stop resisting them. Just because they are people who have failed miserably as individuals doesn't mean they can't help millions of other people out by imposing insane, genocidal lunatic laws on them.

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Jason Rohrer said...

Or they do know what they are doing. There's no reason to want gun control but to disarm any chance of rebellion. The shogun is worried the peasants may revolt, time to turn overturn the rice sheds peasant huts.

There's "big outcry" but obviously created by media, that's what's really disturbing about it.