Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gun Control = Misogyny = Hatred of Women

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the desire to leave women with nothing but natural inequalities standing between them and the predations of males is absolutely an expression of repressed homosexuality and a loathsome hatred of women.

When I imagine some strange woman I have never met being menaced by another male somewhere in the world, I find that if I then visualize her pulling out a concealed handgun and sending him packing (I have seen it happen several times in my own life) that my brain rewards me for this visualization with a little burst of serotonin in my brain. It is pleasant for me to contemplate. That is because I am (everything is relative) a very healthy and normally developed male. (Can't speak for the other 99%) My brain is geared to protect women and children even at my own expense. Scenarios that result in them escaping unharmed no matter what becomes of me are pleasing to me. It feels like I have won some sort of victory or spiked the ball in the end zone. Nature has engineered the male brain to work this way.

Although the notion of disarming strange males I will never meet is manifestly repugnant (collective strategies for group safety come into play subconsciously here, again symptomatic of normally descended testicles and male brain development) it cannot even compare to the effect that imagining "women" in general going about with no means to defend themselves against the thugs crowding the ranks of Homo Sapiens. My brain releases a chemical that causes me discomfort and pain when I visualize this. I wish I could be there personally to protect them and because this is not possible, imagining them sufficiently armed to cope without me leaves me feeling distinctly relieved and assured. There's something I don't have to worry about. This is all normal male response from the past 1.2 million years of adaptive genetic changes in the Neanderthal bloodline. Anxieties are relieved when I think of the important treasures of the gene pool (women and children) being safe and secure in their lives and dignity.

Many other modern males don't respond in this way because most of them are damaged goods, albeit a response to diet or endocrinal disruptors in the environment. Some of them are born this way but I suspect a great many just do not develop in the correct fashion as they age in a response to environmental stresses of all kinds including overcrowding.

Now one thing you should know about Australians, particularly the Australian male, is that the entire nation appears to be structured to serve as some kind of rape camp for females. Sorry if that is a really weird thing to say or repulsive to contemplate but I have twenty years of observation here to draw upon. The Australian male (on average) has the most cowardly and craven character you could humanly conceive of. The only thing he is missing is whiskers. One of the first things I realized after being twelve months in this country is that no female is safe left unaccompanied with one of these men. The second their primary protector is out of range the bullying will start and it will escalate as far as the "male" involved thinks they can get without risking injury. Any woman unaccompanied in this country will be bullied by the first male she encounters. You might think that implies the males here are not much better than women themselves. You're onto something there, trust me. Imagine a woman with shrunken testicles and 10% more muscle mass and you're nearly an expert on Australian culture. Surveys have shown repeatedly that more than half the female population of Australia would prefer to die childless old maids than to marry one of the males of their own nation. More than half. That is a profoundly telling statistic. Gun control is tyranny when imposed on males but it is simply another aspect of female genocidal public policy when executed upon women. It is a crime against all mankind to require females to go about without the option to arm themselves. In Australia, it is a means for the males to gang up on the female population and strip them of any means of self-defense against their ruthless depredations. Tell a single mother alone in the suburbs to call the police when she hears somebody breaking into her home at midnight. Ask yourself what kind of sick twisted effete bastard is pleased at himself to leave women in general this vulnerable.

These are the real biological underpinnings of the unconscious urge to disarm other people. Don't listen to what men tell you because they are not big on self-understanding. Nine-tenths of the population of the earth utterly lack the capacity to understand themselves or what causes them to act as they do. Beneath the substrate of their superficial hollow words and chin music lies a hatred of females as the torchbearers of reproduction and a revulsion for all life itself. Gun grabbers are a death cult driven by madness and madmen who are without founding principles for their existence.


iese_83 said...

I don´t believe i like wimmin as much as you seem to. I have to ask, what you think of Eshter Vilars book "the manipulated man" ?!. I just read it a while ago and it´s rather pretty good. If Anglo women are that bad, then i would pro´bly do the modern thing, and pick an Oriental chick. Anyway, The Australoids are the descendants of criminals, right ?. That explains somethings you describe. But i like the R.S.P.C.A TV-program.

FrankNorman said...

How's that old joke go again...?

A man is applying for Australian citizenship, and is asked if he has a criminal record.
"I didn't know you still needed one!"

The Observer said...

Sorry, Tex. Agree with you on most things, but this I'm not going to back up. Once I thought much like you, and perhaps even was amongst that 1% of normally functioning males you describe.

The disgusting, degenerate behaviour of modern women today has quite soundly beaten the assumption of goodness out of me. Gone are the days when men could give women the benefit of the doubt, or have his chivalrous behaviour appreciated, and the whole manosphere is full of evidence.

"females as the torchbearers of reproduction"...not any more, to be honest. Not when they were given the power of life and death itself, and proceeded to abuse it to the nth degree and conduct a genocide against hundreds of millions of the most helpless, voiceless and innocent of people. "Oh, wait, am I going to dismember, crush the skull of, or burn this kid alive with saline? Oh, wait, doesn't matter, I'm plenty fertile and can have another later anyway."

So yes, if the manboon women of today are any indicator of how much they deserve respect and protection from a Thal or even a Cro-mag guy, I'd say to let them have the gun control they keep on voting for via leftist parties worldwide. They want to disarm themselves, then let them have it. Bed made, now lie in it.

And if I'm cowardly and craven for leaving them to their own fate while picking out the good women and shielding them instead of the manboon masses, then so be it. I will wear that badge with pride.

J.M. said...

It´s amusing to see this comment here from all places. From all the people I read in the internet, one would expect you to know that the downturn of Western societies got kickstarted with women vote, that women are good for nurturing but bad at decision making on a macro scale, lack of ability to see cause and effect clearly amongst other things and ruled by emotion mainly (there are exceptions but just prove the rule. Otherwise feminism would have been rejected inmediately by its main "beneficiaries".

Only blind men think arming women is a good thing per se, regardless of the quality of the women or that single mothers are heroes...hint, they are not. What gun grabbers really show is a pathological hatred of masculinity and humanity itself and a desire for control. Hint: Majority of women in the west support gun control. That in itself says it all.

Texas Arcane said...

First of all, I understand the comments.

All I can say is ... the purpose of life is to defend Neanderthal women and children. Everything else is secondary. If you can't defend them in person, making sure they have arms to defend themselves is paramount.

One of the crowning achievements of the critters who have destroyed our civilization started with the power to set women and men against one another. That's where all the rot starts and that is where it ends.

The tragedy of women supporting gun control does not flatter their average native intelligence and it generally paints them as too dimwitted to be allowed a say in their own lives. Just keep in mind I am speaking of females with bigger brains, better character and damned beautiful like Thal girls, not hideous lanky Sapiens she-males like the harridans on SEX IN THE CITY. They are just barely women, most of them. Suits them to have a mate who is just barely a man.

The defining characteristic of the male brain is that whenever it is in doubt it will make a decision that creates best survivability for females and children. It is all that matters.

ray said...

you are as Rong as Rong gets on this one t.a.

aussie males, like guys everywhere in the west, are ruled by women, through both church and state, both of which are proxy front-men for collective female will

your rant about aussie men stalking and raping females everywhere is right off the template of N.O.W., Obama, and Hitlery

the gun-grab is just the latest anti-male scam in 100 years of persecuting and crushing both fatherhood and masculinity -- it is driven largely by the feminist/marxist Left, who are a bit skeered of the men theyve spent the last half-century disenfranchising, mocking, caging, and hating

your core-belief that "the purpose of life is to defend women/children" is exactly the kneejerk I'm a Big Strong Man and I'll Kick Your Ass response from western "men" that got us into this mess, and that deepens the subjugation of boys and men

it is false masculinity

western men are absolutely addicted to, and enslaved by, females -- both in collective and individual terms

you need to spend a week in ANY criminal court in america, t.a., and open your eyes to the reality of what's being done daily to good men, and to boys

the purpose of life is NOT to defend and obey wmen, it is TO SERVE GOD, OUR FATHER and the very instant we follow our animal instincts to conquer us, and instead Serve and Protect women, we have been co-opted into the agendas of the enemy of the species, the enemy of life, the enemy of truth, and the enemy of all that is good

you have a lot to learn, especially about the human female . . . you should ask God for some humility, youre a pretty bright guy but you lack that

God's pretty angry at what's been done to the sons of the nation in the u.s. over the past century, and however deep the Vaults are hereabouts, they aint gonna be deep enough

Texas Arcane said...

You guys don't know it but you sound like the ScrewFly solution has been implemented.

Women are just as much victims of their rulers as everybody else. Their suicide rate climbs nearly every week.

The fact they are so vulnerable to the gibberish marketed to them should make you want to defend them more, not less.

In case you guys have not guessed, they are the other half of the equation and proceeding without them is a failed biological strategy.

Civilizations are founded to organize the protection of women and children. If they are instrumental in victimizing them then they need to be dismantled when they have stopped serving their purpose. If civilization has declined in efficiency to the point where a lone male can protect them more effectively with a torch in one hand and a spear in another with a big roar then we need to shift back to that system until we can improve on it again.

Don't hate women for being the more vulnerable sex both emotionally, mentally and physically. That is never going to change because they are the rearers of children and they are designed for a male to run defense for them while they do that.

ray said...

"Women are just as much victims of their rulers as everybody else. Their suicide rate climbs nearly every week."

the rate in amerika is about 6 male suicides for every female suicide, and the ratio of male suicide during the past couple decades -- as feminism has utterly conquered the u.s. -- has gone thru the roof

this is especially true for white males over 50 -- the demographic that the matriarchy just LOVES to hate and disenfranchise

yet here are you and the Big Strong Men telling me the exact opposite of the truth about suicide

"Civilizations are founded to organize the protection of women and children. If they are instrumental in victimizing them then they need to be dismantled when they have stopped serving their purpose"

western civilizations dont victimize females, they empower, enrich, fete, obey, and worship females

western civilizations victimize boys and men, and only absolute willful blindness could explain the failure to see the reality of this, expressed everywhere across the west's nations for decades running

the nations of the west are destroyers and oppressors of boys and men, and characterizing those who point such an obvious reality out as "hating women" is typical of feminism and of the tactics of the emasculated "men" who have supported and enforced feminism during the past century

obviouly youve been down in your Vault just a little too long t.a., but apparently you have teevee down there as youre obviously well-conditioned