Friday, March 8, 2013

Fukushima Has One Quake Left In It

 ... and then it will collapse into a toxic radioactive air generator for the entire planet that will run for a thousand years.

I just got my second USB interfaced adaptive range geiger counter. Now I have to hook them up to a Vault-OS web page.


samhuih said...

This reminded me. There are some good deals on radiation detectors on egay. Apparently the Gov. in its infinite wisdom is getting rid of them. Figures. So I thought I'd snag a few for myself. Here's what I got.
1. CD V-715
2. A battery powered dosimeter charger that came with 1 dosimeters and I bought 6 more.

Radiac Detector Chargers- A cool electrostatic dosimeter charger
No batteries needed. Just in case.

The whole deal set me back around 100 USD. Buy now while you can.

Texas Arcane said...

My feelings exactly.

I own plenty of analog devices but lately have desired to obtain some that are easily interfaced to a PC for monitoring and alerts.

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