Thursday, March 7, 2013

Edjamafacashun Power Dominates Workforce

Put'em in front of a computer, work will come out. It's a cargo cult for information.

If you put a person who can't read or write in front of a computer, does magic productivity come out? Yes but utilizing the edjamafacashun power of winnarz.

If I was dictator for a day I'd tell the entire Western population to sit down, shut up and listen to my instructions while I had people pass out McGuffey's Readers textbooks from 1836. I would tell them nobody gets up to go to the bathroom or asks for a glass of water until you prove you can either read that book out loud while we listen or else you break down sobbing and confess you are and have been a functional illiterate your entire life faking it almost since the day you were born. Either way, that's a good start and probably the radical solution that would be needed to effect any kind of meaningful reform.

Start with the reality of the situation and then there is nowhere to go but up. Insist on pretending you are edjamafacated and you will never even get the basic skills needed to function at all in modern society.

These kinds of people are killing us. They are killing the West. We have a guy exactly like this in the highest executive office of the land in the United States. These types of phony people are killing the West. They are running it into the ground.

I was watching a speech last night by Gillard and marveling at her rambling inability to even make a point when she was talking. She drifted all over the place, emoting here and then there and littering her dialogue with colorful sentiments and beautiful platitudes. When she was done, I was not quite certain what it was she was talking about or what she was trying to say. Kids like this need to be held back a grade until they can give at least a simple oral presentation of a few paragraphs without drifting off into aphasic gibberish. Julia, what is the point you are making? Do you even have one? Send this kid back to first grade and tell the school psychologist we have a developmental disorder here. This kid can barely speak, a skill commonly required of humans for certain. We have no fangs or claws. All we got is an opposable thumb, upright gait and social cooporation through the semantic content in our speech. If you're missing any of those you're probably not qualified for leadership.


iese_83 said...

A-mazing !. 80%, ...niiiice. All political morans(sic) are like that Gillard character, they have no character nor any actual point. Thats the whole idea. Anyway i have been reading this, occasionally superbly amusing blog and though that you might like it too. Here is one of the rather funny posts ;

Amy said...

I was a teacher, once upon a time.

True story: I once asked why it was that colleges offered remedial courses in writing, mathematics, and reading on such a broad scale. What were colleges doing in one semester that high schools could not accomplish in four years? (I'm sure this was the beginning of the end for me, faculty do not like boat-rocking).

The answer I received was that in college, kids were paying for it, so they had more incentive to do better. Our job was to expose them to the skills, eventually somewhere along the line, they'd get it, if it mattered enough.

Pound. Head. On. Desk. seldom made more sense to me than in that moment.

Texas Arcane said...

I feel if you could just get people to admit it out loud and have it sink in, it would be the beginning of something really big.

If people understood the extent of the problem and then began to realize it is no accident they can't read, write, compute or do much of anything but sit around like Oprah and talk about how special they are ... they would get really angry.

Things don't happen like that by accident when the education system has more money than in it's entire history. That is by design.

PrairieSage07 said...

Some of the people I work with are proud of their ability to claim that they are 24-40 years old and haven't read a book since high school.

Chunkations said...

Have you ever thought of becoming a public speaker?
You would make loads of money, although you would become too popular and then assassinated, so carry on as you are...