Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cyprus Activates Self-Destruct Switch

Cyprus politicians : This whole thing is incredibly stupid and the wheels are coming off this communist farce called the European Union.

No wait, homes, you didn't understand. Let us explain it to you again - you benefit from communal rule by unelected officials you have never met who are completely unaccountable to you and you have to pay for their aid by allowing them to go in and loot your life savings. So you get punched on both ends and end up broke and dead because after all, we don't want to allow the EU to fail. After all, it is such an effective tool for destroying nations and stealing their people blind when you don't even live there. So you may think it's just a gigantic criminal scheme at first glance but what you fail to grasp is the improvamentation and enrichmentation that is available.

Hey! OMIGOD What's that in the air?!? IT's a UFO! They're are preparing to invade! Keep watching the skies, my friend! Don't look into your wallet for at least the next twenty minutes!!! (Sound of feet running away briskly, car door slams and squealing wheels)

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