Saturday, March 9, 2013

Classic Mousterian Innovator

Steven Wozniak, almost archetypical of the breed on the Basque side. Looks like he could have stepped down from a museum exhibit. Note the funny warble in the voice despite having clearly greater lung capacity and a larger diaphragm for air in his barrel chest. That is the hyoid bone in the throat muting the bass. Do you think these creatures were mainly occupied with warfare like Homo Sapiens or mostly occupied with thinking, dreaming and exchanging ideas?

This was the real brains at Apple, not Steven Jobs. Also see how despite getting screwed blind by Jobs, he doesn't seem to nurse grievances or store up grudges as Sapiens does. Just interested in the next most interesting idea.

This makes him a good loser and a good sport, the type of person that Homo Sapiens both male and female despise over all other personalities. Yet this man would have been considered by the females in his tribe to be nearly genetically perfect and more desirable than all other men. They would have thought Steven Jobs to be some sort of freakish gender bending tranny in comparison. The Neanderthal female would have seen Woz as being clearly superior in his impulse control and indifferent to mild slights from others, regarded him as a dominant and strong male with no weaknesses in him whatsoever. The same sensitivity to "loss of face" that occupies the mostly theatrical Sapiens would have been a death sentence on the smaller Neanderthal tribes which could not afford a soap opera of oneupsmanship running 24/7 amongst the males.

Mike mentions at the end the good natured practical joker that is typical. Always likes to play small, unexpected pranks on people to give them a little start without anybody's feelings getting hurt. I love jokes like these, they are the very best. This is also part of practicing tracking techniques and small game hunting.

As another Neanderthal, even though a different flavor, I would instantly defer to this male as the leader. You just have that sense that Woz would be the best bet to lead the way on things. It is a no-brainer for me. For Homo Sapiens, it is always a no-brainer.

All of this becomes much clearer when you see the striking evidence that Mousterian and Amuds lived within shouting distance of each other and apparently were on extremely good terms. The Mousterians must have been beloved by the Amuds, the physical differences in appearance of no matter to them. There would have had to be much retained by both species that they just recognized one another and felt the kinship that was there.

I am imagining myself as another highly intelligent race watching this from the outside and seeing the growing ability to cooporate between these tribes, the lack of animosity and the friendly circle that was gradually being extended all around them in a growing network of Neanderthals. I am imagining myself as thinking ... "These guys are getting dangerous now. They used to be kind of funny. Now it's getting serious. We need to do something about these people before they really start to dig their heels in and get their second wind on this planet."


styrac said...

"The same sensitivity to "loss of face" that occupies the mostly theatrical Sapiens"..."Always likes to play small, unexpected pranks on people to give them a little start without anybody's feelings getting hurt."

Amazing, It's as if I'm reading a description of that Neanderthal girl I spoke before as if we knew the same person. The first thing that struck me - besides her otherworldly beauty - was those jokes/pranks she made the way you describe (although she could be really really mean and a bitch if she wanted to) and that total disregard about "losing face", I could simply not believe how anyone could be like that and was completely baffled.

theepilgrim said...

Merv Griffin strikes me as more of the "Melonhead"-type by comparison in this interview. Clearly intelligent and also inquisitive, but in a subtly condescending sort of way.

Max said...

Hello Texas Arcane!

Do you mean the basque are mostly descended from the mousterian type? Did any Neanderthals survive into historical times as a population, with both males and females in your view?

Here are a few suggestions of other "survivors" which represents a wide range: Julius Evola, Paul Erdős, Monte Melkonian, Keith Richards, Till Lindemann, Quorthon

I recognize that there are a lot of variations inside the Neanderthal spectrum, and different persons can be found to retain different characteristics and looks. There seems to be a gracilized type of surviving Neanderthal with thinner bones and lean muscles, is that the Amud type, or did they get gracilized later on? Are there any photographs of an Amud skull?

Mex Arcane said...

I see what you're saying, and yes Woz is a vastly superior entity to Steve Jobs (so is my left nut), but he's not immune from the scourge of Apple Revisionism - trying to claim that they invented the home computer. It's a bit like if Latvia claimed retrospectively to be the epicenter of communism during the Soviet era.

Did you see him at the 25th anniversary of the Commodore 64? Any time Jack Tramiel said something nice about Commodore - which is what the audience were there for, after all - Woz would butt in with, "Oh Apple did something like that..." but of course crApple did it faster, harder, longer. Notwithstanding one or two insightful comments on that occasion, the man came off as a pompous ass.

iese_83 said...

Well you really found a modern Neanderthal, that i believe. No offense, but to me that guy looks like some kind of a monkey / apeman, indeed straight out of a museum showcase. He also said, that "hacking is a myth" !! that sounds pretty dumb, not super-clever-thal-genius-shite. But summa summarum ; i don´t hate him, he is just a rather weird character, and sounds slightly boy´ish, yes. Weird, weird prehistoric little f0ckers you are, Thals !. P.s (i do not know what i am). ...maybe i´m a Homo Borealis. Who knows.

Texas Arcane said...

Max -

Before it became politically incorrect to even talk about them, back in the 60's it was common to speak of the Amud as "more gracilized than Homo Sapiens" and many suggested the difference in appearance going from the Mousterian to the Denisovian through to the Amud represented a greater genetic diversity than existed between Mousterians and Sapiens - with Sapiens being closer to the Mousterian than was the Amud.

Homo Sapiens has no experience with a situation where you don't kill people who look different from you on any pretext, so he finds it hard to accept the evidence that the Amud lived a half day's walk from Mousterian settlements and the evidence is the two races never fought over anything. Since Mousterian jewelry has been found in an Amud camp it is possible there was regular trading going on and the Amud may have even placed a high value on the artistic creations of Mousterian peoples.

The evidence says that despite the radical differences in appearance, the two races lived side-by-side quite happily. Unheard of in Homo Sapiens.

Texas Arcane said...

Since I was little I have noticed I have recognized certain types of human faces to be kin to me (like Wernher Von Braun) and yet always responded with great affection when I have seen a face like that of Steven Wozniak. The same way you see your crazy uncle at Christmas and are glad to be with him again even if he is only visiting.

Texas Arcane said...

Merv Griffin almost seems like a synthetic person he is so unreal.

I heard this guy kept a stable of young boys at great expense in his old age, in addition to having had affairs with Rock Hudson, Cary Grant and Jim Nabors. They said it was the biggest open secret in Hollywood. Funny how everyone else knows except the rubes out there in payday land. They are good at keeping secrets and tilting reality so you only see what they want you to see.

Paul Levinson said...

For more speculation on Neanderthal - modern human relations, including a Basque connection, see The Silk Code

Koanic said...

Steve Wozniak is melon back and mostly melon front. He does have large eyes but very little socket depth. His main Thal feature is the Mousterian mid to lower face and build, which lends itself to a more phlegmatic/melancholy temperament. Still he is hardly a major Thal; most of his charisma comes from the Melon side.

lou said...


Do you feel any affinity for Girolamo Savonarola? The few paintings available on google suggest a very mousterian appearance with a prominent hooked nose, brow ridge and enormous occipital lobe:

His archaic mentality, prophetic visions and inability to hold on to political power also seem to point in this direction.


For someone who comments so assiduously you have remarkably little to say.

Edward said...

One of the people who resembles this archetype today is Obie Fernandez

Max said...

"...Amud as "more gracilized than Homo Sapiens" and many suggested the difference in appearance going from the Mousterian to the Denisovian through to the Amud represented a greater genetic diversity than existed between Mousterians and Sapiens - with Sapiens being closer to the Mousterian than was the Amud."

This is very interesting information and a lot of the pieces start to fall in place for me. I always recognized that type of gracilized but also robust form that did not seem to fit in anywhere.

Another interesting subject is; did any cultural oral traditions survive to our days. I believe in that case, Neanderthal knowledge went underground and was concealed in various ways. Likely it concerned subtleties of the inner workings of man as well as nature and creation described through a symbolic language of music, tones, colors, numbers and so on. That type of brain works in symbols and pictures and is not as reliant on language for expression. Ordinary humans thinks in languages, easily manipulated by transforming the language to function as a back door to the brain and a filter.

Texas Arcane said...

Neanderthal ideas survive to this day because they are uniformly more successful whenever applied.

In software development, Rational Rose is the Cro-Magnon approach. 100% failure rate in all situations despite all testimonials to the contrary.

By contrast, approaches like Agile and X-Treme (where process is adhered to, rare) are universally more successful on average.

It is hard to throw out the Neanderthal because he/she is the only person who can actually get anything done, as opposed to just having a conversation about it. With it come all the psycho-neurotic conventions we associate with the breed, like maniacal perfectionism and endless refactoring. People always want to know how they can get the one without the other. You can't. They're on the same genome together.

lou said...

In the same neanderthal innovator vein, have you heard of Bill Lishman?

"With me, ideas are a verb."

This dude is vintage thal, notice in particular his passion for underground architecture. His "vault" is well worth a look at, though I doubt it'd be able to survive a nuclear blast (unsurprisingly, as a Canadian he's more of an environmentalist than a survivalist):

Another of his feats involves "adopting" a flock of geese and teaching them the correct migration routes with ultralight aircraft:

hitfan said...

I'm a big fan of computer history. I wrote an essay in Grade 7 about Charles Babbage's Difference Engine.

There's a new movie about Steve Jobs. This is the trailer:

The guy who's portraying Steve Wozniak couldn't be more off the mark. The entire electronics hobbyist scene of the 1970s was working towards creating a personal home computer -- and Woz is supposed to be a conformist wearing a suit arguing for the status quo?