Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"City of London" IP Address

You've heard us talk about our occasional visitors from the "City of London" that pops up on the globe sometimes in Vault-Co's interactive visitor log.

Where is it? What do they do there? What is so unusual about it?

That is an IP address for people who control the planet in one way or another. They are not elected. Most people wouldn't recognize their names and if they did would find they know very little about them. Most of them own the media that the sheeple are permitted to see and many of them only bought these companies to make sure their names stay out of the limelight.

They start wars, provide the funding for them when they are raging and then decide how they conclude and with what policy advancement when the conflict ends.

Everybody answers to them, they answer to nobody. Accountability is a word that peasants and poor men must learn. Not them.

One of the reasons so many vulgar and corrupt people wish to become their servants is that the servant will be granted the same immunity from accountability as his masters possess. They too, will find that they answer to nobody as long as they serve these creatures. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh can be translated differently, instead of "gods" or "ruling elites," it can be taken to describe "those who wish not to be named," and also "they who are unchallenged by any."

Things don't really change on this planet, ten thousand years is like a day. The same collection of three types of hominids, one of them the rulers, the others their slaves ... and the wild and free ones who Humbaba describes to Enkidu as "they who will not bow their heads," and "they that even the unchallenged fear." For this reason Humbaba tells Enkidu that if he is merely killed he will become a martyr, therefore he must be condemned to a fate worse than death, he shall become a "living ghost," or a "ghost in the machine" to use more modern parlance. He will serve as an example to any that think of defying his masters.


Steve Barison said...

Yeah, Tex. I'm a regular reader going back about 6-7 years (that's hard enough to believe) and I remember the first time I saw "City of London" on your spinning globe hit tally thingy. It sent chills down my spine.
My guess is it's your "three hominids" narrative that keeps them coming back. I figure the melonheads (or those who would claim to be their descendants) want to keep tabs on the few sources out there for this type of info. And you are one of them. And they know who you are.


BIG BIRD Reports. You Decide.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Contrapundit said...

I just want to say that I dig that interactive globe. I can see myself
"Altadena, California." Now it's also "Melbourne.. Florida" and "Koka, Shiga" (Japan) and "Ashfield, New South Wales." Ok, why is that so interesting? Just is. Because.

styrac said...

Imagine having to face billions of melonheads

. said...

Come on. Bit paranoid - I travel from Oz to UK 7-8 times a year, visit the blog daily here and there and stay in a hotel in the City of London.