Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blitz Continues

Around the clock shelling of Western civilization without surcease.

I don't even want to contemplate what kind of money is backing this blitzkreig. It must be in the billions of dollars by now. On all continents coordinated at the same time. Scarcely a day passes without another emoticon soppy sloppy beautiful Oprah moment broadcast on all channels to all available media based entirely on ambiguous appeals to children, fuzzy animals and sunflowers.

I am sure it is all driven by benign interests in the shadows who only want what is best for all of us.

Once you smash the nuclear family unit based on childrearing and the biological union of the sexes, the people fall into your hands with the leg irons pre-attached. There is nothing left standing between ordinary people and the all-powerful State. The Bolshevists knew it and that is how they captured Russia for 80+ years. Every conqueror has known  that in order to destroy all sense of purpose and all motivation for resistance you have to destroy the family unit or redefine it into meaninglessness. People lose their reasons for believing in anything but what the State tells them because all contradictions have ceased that might have arisen from oppositional culture, something that is delivered purely through the teachings of your parents to you when you grow up under their tutelage.

If my son had not grown up with me, he might have never learned to suspect anything he was told by authority figures was anything but infallible. He may have suffered all his life from a vague sense something was wrong but without a father he might have never learned to distinguish truth from the lies the State tells to consolidate their power.

You smash the family it is just like a boot crushing into a human face, forever. This boot on our throats now is unbearable, imagine what happens once the last pockets of resistance presented by the family structure are eliminated.

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iese_83 said...

Meine Neanderthaliensis, i´m sorry to inform you ; that you have indeed misspelled "Blitzkrieg" into " Blitkreig". BlitzkrIEg.

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