Friday, March 29, 2013

Any Place On Earth Where Neanderthals Are Not Found?

No. Neanderthals found outside Europe are just relabeled as "Solutreans" and "Clovis" people.

Poor squat little midget is supposed to have lacked the endurance to have made it much farther than the mouth of his cave according to scienmajistics. I knew this was a lie 14 years ago when I began to study the sites of the Clovis in North America. I knew it was a lie about him being a prognathic dwarf with a hunchback as early as 1994. I had read about the well-built, well-proportioned flat faced remains of southerner Neanderthals who averaged 6'2  in late 1992. These were also described as "clearly surviving on a diet of horsemeat" because they always found rows of horse skeletons in front of their caves. You know, almost like they were tethered to a hitching post out front, which is where you would expect a domesticated horse to be. No, said the anthropologists, the Neanderthals liked to dispose of the horses they "ate" (after drawing lovely pictures of them together smiling on the walls of their caves) in neat rows at the mouths of their caves as if they had all been standing side-by-side in front of a railing. They also never mentioned the skeletons were intact where they had fallen and showed no evidence of teeth or cutting tools. So apparently the southern Neanderthals had mastered fillet-of-horse, stripping the meat off cleanly without have to separate limbs or shanks in any way.

This is what passes for Homo Sapiens "science."

The real irony 40,000 years later is that the only hominid bastard we know for certain eats horses is Homo Sapiens themselves, who likes them in his meatballs and burgers as tasteful tangy filler. What kind of sorry sonofabitch eats a beautiful animal like a horse? It is one step short of cannibalism. Sapiens is a shameless creature with no innate sense of right and wrong.

That crazy Tex, he's worked up this incredibly complex delusion about the Neanderthals being genocided and gangraped by the Saps, convinced he is a nearly pure outlier from the original hybrid stock. Well, everybody knows if anything it would have been the male Neanderthals doing the raping, because I mean ... er .. you know ...

First Victims of Sapiens Gangrapes Found, Vindicating Long-standing Genetic Evidence For Past 30 Years
Modern humans and Neanderthals therefore lived in roughly the same regions for thousands of years, but the new human arrivals, from the Neanderthal perspective, might not have been welcome, and for good reason. The research team hints that the modern humans may have raped female Neanderthals, bringing to mind modern cases of "ethnic cleansing."


Ave said...

How come that after watching the first 18 minutes of "Quatermass and the pit" (1958) I have already :
- intelligent hominids living 5 million years ago
- ballistic missiles in space
- lone peaceful scientist against warmongering idiots

Hm ?

Admit it Tex, you read from a script that was written sixty years ago. ;-)

Ave said...

Now here's a strange skull :

Former president of Cyprus.

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By The Sword said...

Not every horse is Black Beauty. The truly superior horses are used to breed more horses. Those with some flaws are gelded and used to do work. Some horses however aren't good for work so the best option is to eat them.

Though I do sympathize with your sentiments, if you have a heard of a hundred horses and there are twenty of them that you can't do anything with, why not use them for food? For yourselves or for the dogs.