Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Advance For Terminator Units

Dissident StomperBot Practices Crowd Control By Flinging Expedient Projectiles

Of all the weird things I have ever predicted on Vault-Co I assume that my ravings about the coming robot revolution in 2003 were the strangest. A lot of people were convinced I was offering proof I was definitely some kind of paranoid schizophrenic. Some thought it was clear I had confused reality and science fiction cinema in my head somehow.

In fact, my constant tinkering with low budget electronics at the bottom of the supply food chain were what tipped me off to all of this. I knew the day had arrived when you could purchase a handful of very sensitive and accurate servos for a dollar. Coupled with the fact that flesh'n'blood soldiers were becoming so hard to maintain and train I knew there would be a huge military boom in this technology.

Making a robot to be your friend and carry on a conversation with you is pretty complex stuff that could be a century away. On the other hand, making a robot that can track and kill human beings is relatively simple in comparison. Most graduate engineers with sufficient supplies could build one that would be effective.

If you look at the design of this robot "Big Dog," (All DARPA funded, remember, military application first) you will see that what they are really constructing here is a titanium Dire Wolf, the ancient enemy of mankind. Only these dumbasses are going to give these wolves dextrous hands with opposable thumbs and instead of communication socially with howls they are going to talk to each other with real-time radio feeds at roughly the speed of light.

This doesn't turn out well. It bodes very, very ugly wars on the horizon.

Scared yet? Then don't watch this because you will have to throw away your drawers afterwards.

Remember, this is what they are willing to go public with. The real tech they don't let you see is likely 5-10 years ahead of this already.

"The ultimate goal of the project is to design robots that could someday aid in disaster response."

Yes. That's it. That is why DARPA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on their development. I knew they must have a motive for doing so.


KW Jackson said...

These things will be sent into shelters that the airborne drones cannot reach or TPTB don't want to bury with explosives. They will trial them on "outlaw drug/bikie gangs". I hear tell that the magnetron from a microwave oven can be used to make a pretty decent EMP burst device. Foil confetti will confuse just about anything. And if they're not accessible, there's the old fashioned gaol door of plate steel with firing ports. Interference, and I mean that in the sense a machinist would use the word, is an important design factor.

By The Sword said...

It would be a simple matter to mount a machinegun on that beast.

JeffreyJerpp said...

You must not get how this system works. The data google, youtube, facebook, your phone etc. is collecting right now is being collated here-

Where algorithms form predictive behavioral profiles, which are fed to the hunter killer 'bots. That data means they already know who to pursue, how long it will take the target to realize they are being pursued, and most importantly, they'll know the evasive moves you're most likely to make before you ever make them.

The bright side is that when these things do inevitably find you, they don't just kill you, they eat you as well.