Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amud Literary Notables : Colin Wilson

The author of the seminal book "The Outsider" who described the feeling of having been "imported from an alien world" into a hostile and completely incompatible social structure. Wrote extensively on the feeling that "one's own kind had somehow moved elsewhere and left you in the company of strangers with whom you will never find common cause."

Notice in the photo on Wikipedia the classic curious wave in the hair and natural cowlicks. This man looks like he could be related to me. His eye sockets retreat dramatically on both sides. Observe something in his expression and gaze that tell us this person is very unlikely to want to hurt or exploit us, rather he wants to speak with us, to share ideas with us. We know instinctively how to recognize such people even if we don't know the names of the species involved ... or at least didn't know until recently.

If you read the Wikipedia entry, you will see that despite never advocating any kind of political change he was labeled a "fascist" by crazy R-type Cro-Magnons because he seemed obsessed with laws, principles of behaviour and defining what was the best conduct for men to most benefit one another. Lots of people were disappointed in Colin Wilson after his literary debut when he began to write mostly on things that interested him that were at the periphery of ordinary consciousness, piercing some kind of veil inside our minds that appears to be designed to keep us from discovering the truth about ourselves.

Interview with the New York Times. The melonheads hate this guy because he's a troublemaking rodeo clown going around trying to stir their slave classes to ideas and ambitions they are not entitled to have. Their lot in life is to serve and this critter is putting notions into their heads of their own innate dignity and the all-around goodness of existence. Dangerous men, these children of Enkidu.

100% Amud, strongly somatotyped. Look at face carefully to see resemblance to Von Braun. The Amud females were essentially cloning their males with sexual selection. They must have liked the mix they got genetically after a million years of polishing it.


Lugh said...

His mind parasites novel is also very good. About fighting the enemy within. Despite its modern Science Fiction context, it's much like the Orthodox Christian war against spirits literature. The Enemy is within, and is both your own lower self and negative entities who exploit it.

styrac said...

Colin Wilson is awesome and his books have been an inspiration for me throughout the years.

iese_83 said...

I have that feeling. It´s common at least for Philosopher kings (Homo men) and then apparently for the modern times Neanderthal. Anyway loneliness can be an ugly thing!. Soon you may be talking to a (Finnish) volleyball !.P.s take a volleyball down to the vault with ya, i says :).

JeffreyJerpp said...

^Fascinating interview with Wilson.

I wonder if the "intensity", or "Faculty X" he discusses isn't very closely related, or identical to, the condition of hyperfocus that often manifests in twice exceptional (high intelligence but also "learning disabled") youths-

I can see how there would be a synergistic effect between stimulants, ranging from caffeine (personal favorite) on up to speed, in terms of creating conditions for prolonged "Factor X" hyperfocus. I've found my personal best thinking is done in the mornings while highly caffeinated and exercising with exposure to sunlight, to maximize serotonin/dopamine/norepinephrine. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has a similar "peak experience" recipe. The main benefit of mine is that it has also normalized my sleep cycle.

njartist said...

@ JeffreyJerpp
Interesting. I am always seeking out that which will put my focus on edge: up to recently, I was using Five Hour Energy, but it began to affect my intestines in synergy with the stress I am under.

Now, I wonder what the correlation between focus and higher blood pressure.

Texas Arcane said...

P.S. Colin Wilson looks so similar to my father it is unnerving.