Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Sad Story About A Defeated People

It's a sad story of fail. It is like when you hear about third world countries surrendering their arms prior to mass genocides or invasions by other nations. It's a sad story when men no longer have any options in life.

A sad story about sad people doing sad things. Hipster doofuses eager to repeat the mistakes of history.

I've lived in New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Washington, D.C. and I cannot remember any of those places ever posting bodycounts like these. I guess in all of those places, there is still some deterrent for criminals committing random murder that has ceased to exist in Australia. Working out about as good as prohibition usually works out every few generations. Manboons are not learning animals.

I am fifty this year and I can assure you, with a half century of observation, the urban myth about people being capable of learning or thinking is a myth equivalent to The Loch Ness Monster or stories about UFO abductions and anal probing. Those are delusional ideas with no evidence to support them. People believe in these things not because they make any sense but because they appeal to them emotionally. In my experience, the average human being is incapable of reasoning. If my assertion were true it could be easily demonstrated - people would always refer to whatever "consensus" held sway at the moment instead of resorting to their own judgement, because it could not be trusted. What would be important to them is "what everybody else agrees is true," not what is true. Which of course, is the case and always has been for this be-boppin' bipedal bonobo.

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Amy said...

Judging from my admittedly small circle of FB family/friend contacts, the gun issue looms large as a problem of guns, not criminals. I'm so saddened to hear people say that if you take away guns, you'll take away crime, when clearly that is not the case.

Ignorance of history does mean you are fated to repeat it. How, in the age of public schooling, did we come to this point? (rhetorical question, everyone; I don't need an answer).