Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Coincidence, To Be Sure

Just as a sweeping new set of draconian laws is introduced ramrodded through in Australia to control the press, so too sets of similar laws are being forced through in Britain and in America at the same time.

We are supposed to believe all three nations are governed through "demockrassies" where people elect leaders interested in the greatest good of their own people, not mere representatives of world government bodies that were never elected. We are led to believe many things. There's a big difference between what the humans say and what the humans mean. A big difference between what they purport to be the truth and what is the truth.

Power has always lent itself to people who advance through deception. As the population themselves have become more deceptive and less honest in their everyday dealings with one another, so they have become more and more vulnerable to super-predators who occupy the class structure above their status. Each man who has decided to obtain what he wants or needs in life through little white lies does not know it but he makes himself easy prey for elites who know he can be made subject to their will with gigantic whoppers.

Every time somebody like me is suppressed in speaking his true thoughts you are opening the door to other people, far less benign, who will restrict everyone in the criticism or analysis they are able to employ regarding the conditions they are forced to live in. The price to pay for freedom of speech for village idiots is far less dear than the price paid to preserve the rule of corrupt and dishonest men in the highest echelon of society.

This is why the health of civilization has often been weighed by judging it on how many gadflies it will tolerate. As the gulf grows between the reality and what is publicly acceptable to speak of, so too the distance between what a society claims to be and what it really is drifts into irreverence in terms of what is heard out loud. Societies that are starving to death erect Potemkin villages of cardboard peasants waving happily at passing trains because they have become incapable of recognizing and responding to problems that could be pointed out by almost anyone. A civilization is a temporary state of affairs that you have until the day comes that nobody can bear to hear the truth said out loud any longer.


L said...

Unrelated to this post, however you should check out the Bradshaw rock paintings from the Kimberly region. They're at least 20k years old.

Then contrast them to the Ennendi Massif paintings that you've mentioned before, which are 300-1700 years old.

The similarities are rather uncanny, given the temporal and spatial separation.


KW Jackson said...

Time to jump.

styrac said...

This used to go by the name of "Bolshevism". In postmodern newspeak it's called "saving the economy".

I said the other time being a member of the Euro-Translantatic region or simply "The West" today equals being in the communist block in the post-WW II era and that western nations will soon become Albanias, Romanias and Bulgarias of the communist era. That was bullshit. It's really much much worse. Even under communism citizens had at least some guaranteed level of minimum subsistence and access to basic healthcare services. Under the new regime they won't have even that.

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