Sunday, February 17, 2013

Would You Trust A Creation Made In The Image of Man For Advice?

This is a really important subject.

I feel this is the new frontier for socialists and communist scum. It is their dream come true ... to replace God and the priesthood with computer operators and "AI" which will serve the same monopoly function allotted to priesthoods in the past.

The State will do what it wants and anybody who objects they will silence with their AI gibberish. It is the fulfillment of the dreams of Edward Bernays and the domestication of the masses. Where formerly rulers sought validation in augury for their tyranny by looking into birds, tomorrow they will do the same by supporting a formal priesthood to communicate with "AI" entities.

When a person resists, they will say everyone concerned found that the best solution was offered by the "AI." Rest assured the "AI" will conclude we will all be safer by turning our arms over to the government and allowing them to sleep with our wives on their wedding nights as the right of the elites. It is not us looking for this power, they will say. The "AI" has produced the solution.

What they try to do now with peer pressure by manufacturing consensus, tomorrow they will manufacture through esoteric "AI" systems. Anybody who disagrees will be accused of going against the "new gods," which will now reside with the computer systems. Anyone who varies or protests will stand convicted of failing to respect the temple which will now house a computer.

I don't trust the government with $5 to go down the street for a pack of potato chips. There is no way I would ever willingly let them install a nanobot interface to their computer logic in my bloodstream. This is not as far off as you might think. The political pressure is building for these sorts of impositions once the technology is ready. "Nuts" who object, as with vaccines, will be accused of mental illness for failing to comply. They have laid so much of the groundwork for this madness with their existing vaccination schedule.


By The Sword said...

These sheeple have merely exchanged one religion for another. The old religion had priests who were "qualified" to interpret the will of god, the new religion will have "scientists" who are "qualified" to lead the uneducated.

Nothing new here. They'll still burn heretics and dissenters.

Aurini said...

While communities such as LessWrong are very realistic about the multitude of dangers that come from AI, their one major blind spot is ethics. They mistake statistics for Good. And most frightening of all, they mistake the deeply moral such as you or I for Evil.

Morality is not friendly or cuddly; and nice is not good.

They're going to nice us to death.

styrac said...

Edward said...

You just need to ensure that the AI is properly equipped with the 0th law of robotics. That way it will always protect humanity as a whole, but not necessarily every individual.
Of course actually specifying the 0th law in terms of what the computer can understand is 'challenging', which it what the LessWrong crowd seem to be working towards.
Not sure yet if they are actually going to create anything, it's mostly just an echo chamber for rationalists and cryogenics fans at the moment, but the discussions are quite fun to follow.