Sunday, February 10, 2013

What are Vaccines?

They are filthy, vile collections of charnel house flesh that is saturated with so many diseases it would be impossible to enumerate them all.

There are diseases we know about and then there are unknowns that may not be understood a century from now. They are bad, bad stuff. They are above the law. There is no accountability for what they will do to you and until your doctor can give you the name of who you can sue you should refrain from getting them. The vaccine business is a miserable circus of errors and things have been structured so you have no course of redress if they ruin you or your loved ones.

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samhuih said...

I've received vaccines in the past. I belief they are theoretically good for you. Not now. Very low quality control. Maybe they've always been this way.
Some of the major childhood illnesses might be worth the risk. Your child would run a risk of deadly reaction but also might die of measles or other virus if you don't get it.