Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The West Is Gone

The existing order has been wiped out. The majority of the Western populations slept through it.

How much opposition do the elites really expect if most people have only just begun to figure out their nations were looted to the bone, stripped butt-naked and left lying unconscious in the middle of the highway for dead? 90% of the West doesn't even know what happened to them yet.

Stock market is booming because the insiders are selling off all their shares at basement prices.

The men of the West do as they are told. They have lost the capacity for any kind of resistance.

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KW Jackson said...

They smirked at Guddaffi being buggered the traditional British East India Company way then hanged. Then they woke up in the morning and realised, "Holy shit. That could happen to me... like... tomorrow. It'd only take 60 of those revolting peasants to overcome my personal protection detail. Better take the serfs' guns off them."