Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steve Sailer on Intelligence

Sailer states the obvious.

In some circles, you can say the exact same thing that Sailer says in this article and you will be castigated as a worse monster than Caligula. The next day, you can say as much in a different context and people will barely blink an eye.

There's a reason for this.

Ordinary people aren't very bright.

Which is sort of what Sailer is talking about.

A lot of this is too little too late. It is not going to make a difference one way or the other. America is finished and this post-mortem of telling morons why their moronic qualities have doomed them beyond all hope is really pointless. Really pointless. In fact, sometimes I feel it is a moronic pursuit. Nothing is to be gained from the exercise.


Garry Joe said...

Separated Twin Studies told me everything I need to know about genetics.

The left and respectable right, don't want people discussing Separated Twin Studies, because of what it says about genetics.

hitfan said...

Steve Sailer is a genius, or pretty close to being a genius. That his writings are relegated to relatively obscure circles is an outrage. The media trots out charlatans like Hitchens and Dawkins because it serves the narrative that liberals are more intelligent and sophisticated than those troglodyte conservatives.

Instead we get politically correct tripe in the form of Fox News, Limbaugh and the like to be presented as the opposition.