Sunday, February 10, 2013

Return To The Neolithic : Anglo-Saxons Once Again At The Mercy of Wild Animals

With new regulations coming into Britain on knives and machetes, castrated Brit males can't even defend their families from foxes coming to eat their children.

These people portray Neanderthals as ridiculous savages with six inch brows and prognathic snouts. Sir, I can assure you there isn't a fox on the planet that ever threatened a Neanderthal infant that didn't end up a coon cap by the following day. Technically speaking, the Neanderthals were more secure in their homes and possessions than you British will ever be again in this lifetime. Even barbarians don't tolerate that kind of barbarism. The criminals and politicians take what they want from you and now it looks like even the foxes are getting in on the action with some baby fingers.

If I had a time machine I could take this headline back to 1939 Britain along with some other articles and within 24 hours the entire British Army would have defected to the German side to fight alongside them against the ruling classes of Britain. Guaranteed. The news would race through the trenches that a man from the future had been walking amongst them showing what would happen to their descendants if they fought for the degenerates back in the rear. A million men would swell the ranks of the Germans by nightfall.

Life under the Nazis would start to seem like a paradise compared to the Britain of the future I would show them. A single glance at the wedding shower with the two men kissing as one of them throws the bouquet to the crowd and a million soldiers would throw off their helmets screaming to the Germans they surrender and seek sanctuary with the Reich. Sorry but you know it is the truth.


theepilgrim said...

Given the choice between Nazism and nihilism, yes, Nazism wins hands down.

To borrow a line from The Big Lebowski, say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos.

Odds Bodkin said...

hey Tex, should intelligent Americans looking to get out of the Kwanstain start learning Mandarin?

KW Jackson said...

1937 was when the UK people allowed themselves to be de-clawed with the firearms control act of the time removing fully automatic weapons from the public. Before that police were the epitome of politeness and community cooperation. If they didn't they had a street full of men with military rifles and submachineguns to worry about. You only need to reference the bungles of the home guard manufacturing 250,000 pikes because it was the weapon referenced in the Bill of Rights. It is critical to remember the executive/legislative class doesn't consider themselves to be "people" in the sense of a nation's population, but something separate and unaccountable - because let's face it, in practice, they are.

And for those who think China is some kind of option for freedom - you seem to be forgetting the forced late-term (as late as a few days before delivery) abortions if a woman tries to have more than one child.

FrankNorman said...

Regarding the UK Home Guard and pikes...
According to Wikipedia:
The pike was issued as a British Home Guard weapon in 1942 after the War Office acted on a letter from Winston Churchill saying "every man must have a weapon of some kind, be it only a mace or pike". However, these hand-held weapons never left the stores after the pikes had "generated an almost universal feeling of anger and disgust from the ranks of the Home Guard, demoralised the men and led to questions being asked in both Houses of Parliament".

What kind of idiots did they have there, taking it so literally? I wonder if that was a case of "malicious compliance".

Some dude said...

Two men kissing? So now the Nazis werent rampant militarized homosexuals that raped stole and murdered their way across the world?

How about this: the anglos were socialists, the germans were socialists, the ruling classes of both countries encouraged this war to consolidate power into the hands of the few and to destroy the last bonds of the old culture before leading us onto a techno fascist occult path.

The Nazis, the real ones who were running the show and sending oil and IBM computers to germany, those Nazis WON. Take a look at ariel footage of coronado amphibious naval base if you want to know won WWII