Monday, February 11, 2013

"Legitimate Media"

Did you get your information from one of their State controlled media outlets? No? Then your source is not legitimate. The only information you need comes from us or the institutions we control.

Joe Stalin would have loved these guys. A big thumbs-up from Joe Stalin.


hitfan said...

The internet is obviously the great equalizer. It allows you to choose your own associations and forms of entertainment quite easily. Sure, the cultural Marxists proliferate the web, but it's quite easy to shut them out.

They want to go back to the days when television was limited to only a few select channels and it was a lot easier to indoctrinate audiences. It's a lot harder to do that when the viewers are fractured thanks to competition. This isn't 1973 where "All in the Family" could garner 30 million viewers because they were the only game in town. And because of that, they put in heavyhanded messages about diversity and having respect for weirdos in every episode as they possibly could.

Sure, they can put in some subliminal globalist subtext in mindless popcorn fare like "The Avengers", but to go any further than that would just alienate audiences.

The "legitimate" traditional media is a dinosaur. Without Fox News, it's audience would simply go to outlets like StormFront to get their information since nature abhors a vacuum. The conservative mainstream media is successful largely because it captures a large segment of the population that feels alienated from the so-called respectable media.

Amy said...

I still cannot wrap my head around people who think the media still serves as an objective check on the activities of government.

The Fourth Estate went into moral bankruptcy decades ago. It's nothing more than a 24 hour op-ed cycle now.

Biden is proudly admitting that government uses the media to send messages to the public - to dissuade (or persuade) as the government wills it. This is the exact critique we had for Pravda when I was growing up. The last days of the Cold War came when I was in 7th and 8th grades. I was pretty aware of the world at that age, preferring discussions of The Communist Manifesto and business cycles with my dad at the dinner table to pop music or boy chasing. I used to think this could never happen in America. Ah, starry-eyed youth...