Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kwanstainian Comprehension of First Amendment

Runs about this deep.

Demographics is destiny. You can write whatever you want on a piece of paper. If nobody is left who is bright enough to understand it, what does it matter what you wrote?

What good is a piece of paper to beasts made in the shape of men when they can no longer even read it?

When your nation only has beasts left, who is smart enough to know what right and wrong is?

"Globalism" is about anarchy and the destruction of law and order worldwide. It is promoted by criminals who want all restraints on their conduct removed. "Globalism" is the utopia of barbarians and international crime syndicates pretending to be companies. Who will restore the rule of law when there is nobody bright enough to understand what is meant by the "rule of law?"

Back in the fifties in New York it was a running joke to say all the "steakhouse" restaurants owned by the mob served horsemeat and told their patrons it was finest quality steak. Now the mob has gone worldwide and serves horsemeat to everybody on the planet. That's what "globalism" really means.


styrac said...

It's started: First step towards a
full-fledged Transatlantic Union and the erosion of all sovereignty, exactly as predicted by Jean-Claude Paye and Pierre Hillard

Move along, folks, nothing to see here. Go back to your spectator sports and reality TV, we'll just take care everything for you.

John Dee said...

Once again, you are absolutely right about the amygdala:

John Dee said...

More folks than ever bailing on the 'stain.

njartist said...

You might want to read this take on the American Eco-Soc rapists.

styrac said...

@ njartist,

thanks for the link

As Alain Soral explains in this video, the real world struggle today is between the rootless internationalist parasitic nomadic predators on one side and the producing sedentaries on the other, with the former in control of the Transatlantic region and the latter represented primarily by Russia and other emerging Eurasian nations.