Thursday, February 7, 2013

Japan, The Flashpoint for WW3

Russians send a message the way nations do when they prepare to go to war.

It disgusts me the way grown men make these passes at one another as a ceremonial challenge. Deliberate violations of airspace, sabre rattling ... it is like two cowardly schoolyard bullies shadowboxing at the air to try to work up their courage for a fight.

If you going to start a war then start one if it is worth fighting over. Otherwise stay out of the airspace of other nations. All of this crap illustrates what a stupid race of chimps Sapiens consists of. They are not much for decision making even when war is involved which is their specialty.

In primates this behavior can be seen in any Jane Goodall documentary footage. The chimps get a running start and dart into the territory of another tribe of apes, grab some useless foliage and run back out to show they can, screeching and hooting. They make these territorial incursions to challenge the other group of monkeys to fight. There is no real rhyme or reason to any of it. Nations wrap the same behaviors in a thin film of rationalizations but the instincts that drive this are the same.


Garry Joe said...

What are a couple of islands North of Japan to Putin, when he has the potential of a billion screaming Chinese on his doorstep.

Garry Joe said...

Why did a Piers Morgan & Obama fan blow a gasket and go on a shooting spree?