Monday, February 25, 2013

IDIOCRACY in the White House

The Obamas are an incredibly tacky couple of people who have made an absolute mockery of the White House on a daily basis since they got in there.

UPDATE : Media has to edit her speech for her in order to conceal the fact she is severely retarded

I don't know if you have seen the pics of Michelle Obama getting aboard Air Force One in skintight leopard fur pants. You couldn't make this stuff up. The sheer vulgarity of these two is difficult to grasp when you compare them to previous "Presidents." (I don't consider Barack Obama to even be legally qualified for the office and he proves it with a wife who acts like this in public.)


iese_83 said...

Did anyone really expect anything more from Knee Grows ?!. Only a bright African gown and hat made of a Cheetah are missing. Iss all good.

FrankNorman said...

I'm not an American, but looking at it from the outside... when was the last time the Democrats produced a president who was not in some way a disgrace to the office?
Bill Clinton was a sexual predator, and sold military secrets to the Communist Chinese.
Jimmy Carter, by all reports, was a sanctimonious twit who put the security of the entire free world at risk for the sake of his self-important "moral principles".
John F Kennedy? Even more sexually out-of-control than Clinton, and provoked a confrontation with the Soviet Union that nearly lead to nuclear war, just to "look tough" to the voters.
(The Russian missiles in Cuba were there in response to the American ones in Turkey.)

KW Jackson said...

At least JFK tried to take back Governmental control of banking again. I think that anyone attracted to positions of power over other humans is flawed.

Texas Arcane said...


Whatever JFK's flaws were and they were considerable, always remember he was worth setting up for special assassination. He was doing things that actually count for a score in realpolitik, instead of just windbaggery.

ray said...

yes theyve tried hard to disparage jfk over the years, but in the past five decades, he was the only president standing outside the masonic loop

yes joseph's money and power blah elite blah, but jfk and rfk were essentially honest and God-fearing, seeking the nation's best interests (however naively, in some ways)

jfk in particular was murdered for various and subtile reasons, but it is true that those two wouldnt have gone along with the feminist/identity/marxist future, they would have forseen some of its consequences, and for this alone they had to go