Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Summary of the Sociobiology of Politics

Found here.

Ever notice how the left never stops talking or writing and yet they can never produce any great orators, great writers or great essayists? They have to resort to polemics because it is the only tool in their toolbox. Any sound arguments from other people and they get angry the same way a man who has suffered a stroke grows more emphatic as he makes increasingly less sense.

That's because the amygdala is close to the median insular cortex where outgoing language is processed. Whatever caused their amygdalas to develop incorrectly also stunted this region of the brain as well. Because their social center develops abnormally to overcompensate for what happened to their amygdala, they have an innate compulsion to speak, talk and communicate. They just lack the neural hardware to ever be any good at it. It is also the reason they resort to ambiguity and ambivalence, hoping somebody will mistake them for bright if they never make it exactly clear what they think on any subject. Many a leftist icon has exposed himself as a horrible mediocrity by finally publishing a manifesto, it happens all the time. Everybody was told that Barack Obama was a great constitutional lawyer until he published his autobiography with the help of a domestic terrorist ghostwriter. Reading his book, you can see he is an appallingly lousy writer and thinker without much concrete to say on any subject.

By contrast, the greatest writers in human history are invariably great individuals and nobody can ever be much of an individual with a damaged amygdala. Loss of the capacity to evaluate risk means they can never afford to stray far from the human herd, knowing they cannot rely on their own instincts to afford them much protection from what to them seems to be a hostile outer reality they will never be able to comprehend.


Amy said...

I found this interesting:

Not surprised at all to find that liberals use emotion when making decisions. They are also more "social" and like to build networks and manipulate them - again, no surprises. Unfortunately all reason is eclipsed by these wonderful socialization skills they have.

Amy said...

Sure you're aware of this as well

I find it interesting that a large asteroid was supposed to pass near Earth on Friday, and this meteorite hits Earth on Friday, but the scientists say it isn't certain that the two events are related to each other.

Ever watch a large rock, heck even a small one, roll downhill? Ever notice how lots of smaller rocks and dust get picked up along with that big rock and follow it along? Asteroids gather similar clouds of debris. It's not a stretch to imagine that some of that debris would enter our atmosphere.

But the scientists say nothing to see here? Does observable reality mean nothing to them?

Garry Joe said...

Sounds like that thing Nikola Tesla was working on.

Texas Arcane said...

I think it is possible that the asteroid they observed in close fly-by could have been a storm of debris in an orbital path, some of which fell on Russia yesterday.