Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bolshevism II : Barbarian Invasion Force Dialectics

The true face of the madness that has consumed the 'Stain in the second Bolshevist revolution can be seen here.

People who have never demonstrated any ability to create, sustain or foster any kind of civilization whatsoever now enter Kwanstainia with the high moral ground according to the new Bolshevism. Remember, racism is evil except they are innately morally superior because of the color of their skin and if you so much as doubt it then it can cost you your job, livelihood and subject you to complete ostracism. In Russia anyone who questioned the Bolshevist regime or even hinted that Communism could never work found themselves living on the streets or confined to a labor camp or mental institution. The crime of being brighter than average was the worst crime you could commit under Bolshevist rule.

Back home they are rabid monstrous lawless human beings ... gang rapists, drug dealers, mass murderers, agents of chaos and ravenous lunatics. The instant they set foot in the 'Stain, they are now the "good guys."

I've been reading the shameful history of the occupation of South America by the Conquistadors. It was one of the ugliest, vilest genocides imaginable conducted by the Spanish under the banner of the Catholic Church. The incredible irony of this massacre conducted by European invaders is that it absolutely paled in contrast to what they had been doing to each other long before the Spanish arrived. The people of South America were the most brutal and inhuman beasts you could conceive of. It could never make what the Spanish did to them right but it is difficult to feel sorry for them. They would have to be one of the cruelest regimes that ever existed and the Spanish conquistadors compounded their bizarre and vicious history with a bizarre and vicious occupation of their own. What was meted out to them was the same meter they had treated others with. They were hideously evil and they were destroyed by a mob of invaders who were even more evil than they were.

If you don't have the patience to read up on the subject I highly recommend Mel Gibson's brilliant film APOCALYPTO for a rapid education on the subject. It gives you some idea of the haughty mercilessness of the ruling classes in South America who were certainly brought low by the Spaniards. The great offense to be taken is the usual appeal to Christian love and fellowship by the psychotics who looted the continent. That would have to be the most demonic aspect of the whole affair.


c51a61c4-7ad7-11e2-9d89-000bcdcb471e said...

Apocalypto was incredible. The only thing it downplayed was the cannibalism. In his history of the conquest, Bernal Diaz says that in every town they travelled through, the found people in cages, being fattened up and waiting to be eaten.

Texas Arcane said...

If APOCALYPTO had simply shown the truth about the cannibalism it would have never been made and never released.

If they had shown that as soon as the beheaded bodies were thrown down the steps (a cheap means of tenderization of the meat) they were immediately hacked up at the bottom, seasoned and put onto barbecues to serve the crowds there, it would have made the film absolutely unreleasable.

Also missing in APOCALYPTO was the indifference to the sex or age of the sacrifices. In the movie they were shown as only adult/young males of fighting age, giving the impression they were "war captives." In reality, women and children were sacrificed 2-to-1 over males on their altars.

A big problem with the sacrifices is that the Mayans reported to the Spanish that the women were often interfered with minutes before they were killed and eaten despite this being prohibited by the priests. So as the women captives were marched up the steps they had just been gangraped repeatedly by soldiers minutes before killing them.

The truth of the matter, which is verified by many independent sources, is so horrible it defies comprehension.

João Barrabás said...

How many amerindians are still around in Latin America? How many amerindians are still around North America?

The conquistadores were angels conpared to the puritans.

João Barrabás said...

How many amerindians are still around in Latin America? How many amerindians are still around North America?

The conquistadores were angels conpared to the puritans.

Lugh said...

There has been some Protestant exaggeration - and there were some monks, especially the Franciscans, who stood up for the Indians. But yes, the reality was bad enough. The Spanish had a large number of Indian allies who helped them against the Aztecs. And when they could, these "good" Indians would kill and cook Aztec captives.

Garry Joe said...

João Barrabás said...

"How many amerindians are still around in Latin America? How many amerindians are still around North America?"

How many Whites were left in the Americas, when the Europeans returned?

Answer: Zero.

It is now proven fact, Whites were the first to settle the Americas, many thousands of years before the Asiatics arrived.

So where were all the Whites, when Europeans returned to the Americas?

Clearly the "Indians", exterminated every last White.

"The conquistadores were angels conpared to the puritans."

The Spanish encouraged racial mixing, which is typically Catholic behavior, so I doubt there are many pure blood Indians left in South America, except for the ones that were isolated in the rain forests, for hundreds of years.

So there is your answer, North America has wide open spaces, which is easy to move large numbers of people around.

South America is full of inaccessible rainforests. If people are isolated from each other, killer diseases can't spread.

Germs have killed far more people, than guns and swords. That is why the isolated tribes in the rainforest are left alone, because even today, they have no resistance to our germs.

Garry Joe said...

João Barrabás said...

"How many amerindians are still around in Latin America? How many amerindians are still around North America?"

In South America, they built massive stone cities. You need an enormous population, to support an undertaking like that.

In North America, the best they built were tee pees and a few stone villages, set in cliff overhangs.

So obviously the populations in North and South America, were not remotely similar.

If you were not a Catholic, you might have noticed something like that. :)

ray said...

The crime of being brighter than average was the worst crime you could commit under Bolshevist rule.

yup meet the new boss, same as, now theyve got all the sub-110 i.q. women on their side too

thats been a boon to the Economy! :O)

i also thot apocalypto was an excellent and offbeat film, gibson's a pretty good film-maker

aboriginal cental america and mexico were demonic, reminiscent of the human-sacrifice cultures of the biblical caananites and other Protected Classes

the conquistadors were judgment itself, and terrible deliverers


styrac said...

"aboriginal cental america and mexico were demonic, reminiscent of the human-sacrifice cultures of the biblical caananites and other Protected Classes"

Much like the Carthaginians - who were also of Canaanite origin - sacrificing infants to Baal. It takes a newer form of barbarism and cruelty (Romans, Spaniards etc) to wipe out an older one. However, it all serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things. For instance, no conquest of Carthage no room for a Roman Republic (later Empire) no Christianity. No conquest of Alexander in Asia means despotic oriental rule would have prevailed, no spread of Greek culture, no subsequent conquest of the Greeks by the Romans through which the Romans became civilized (Spengler) and no Hellenic culture embedded in the Roman empire to produce the New Testament.

Edward said...


Well I visited the Kahokia Mounds on my US trip last year, where they a population of 20,000 and spent 200 years building mounds with buckets of earth. Supposedly the 'mound builders' civilisation died out around the time of Columbus, and the Indians took over the site briefly before the Europeans showed up.

The mound builder civilisation traded widely across the continent and showed signs of human sacrifice, so I'd say that was melonhead influenced.

Probably that's what is being referred to here
though at the moment I'm not all that convinced by supernatural 'traveler',
but maybe I'm just not spiritually sensitive enough for them.

J.M. said...


Once again you show your lack of knowledge of history. For your information there are many more Pure Amerindians in Central and South America than in North America. Your very genes are a fact that attest to the genocide perpetrated by the Puritans and later by the settlers once the U.S. was formed. Otherwise you would be a Mexican as Dr. Pierce once said, in reference to the Indian wholesale slaughter up to the end of 19th century.

Even today there are several countries which are MAJORITY AMERINDIAN (Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay), let alone countries where Meztizos are the majority of population. I included Paraguay in the list because even though is mestizo majority, the main language of most of the population, even today is an Amerindian one.

For instance even though it´s true that Germs killed more than anything else, in Latin America the conquistadors almost never tried to ensure racial purity (for good or bad) unlike the puritans and other settlers who considered themselves the "New Israel" the "salt of the Earth", hence the different outcomes of those Amerindian groups.

ray said...

that's a great tag to my comment styrac, thanks

indeed, the empires, the demonic, serve the latter purpose, and will be sloughed away in due course


j3133 said...

The most brutal and inhuman beasts I can think of are Jews.

They practice blood sacrifice.

Even their butchering of animals is a torture.

Not to mention the numerous genocides they've committed against "goyim" (their word for non-Jews, meaning cattle).

Sick freaks.

styrac said...


Their goal is complete world domination. Nationalism and Islam are their ideological enemies because they can bring people together in resisting their corruption and subversion. Syria is only the latest domino in their attack, hence the demonization of Russia for defending Syria's sovereignty. They will either rule this world or there will be no world - and that's our situation. There's only one solution to the Jewish problem. Put all of them aboard a train... The Nazis were right.

styrac said...

Tex, are you familiar with the hypothesis put forward by anthropologists Michael Harner and Marvin Harris that the cannibalism practiced by the Aztecs was not widespread but prominent only among the so-called aristocratic classes, and the flesh of the victims was part of an aristocratic diet as a reward, because the Aztec diet was deficient of proteins? Do you think this theory has any credibility?

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

Whoever offered that theory does not have entry level layman's knowledge of South American history.

Three eyewitnesses in the Franciscans said in independent accounts that the purpose of the ceremony for the crowds that watched was to catch and eat the bodies thrown down the steps. They showed up early with cooking instruments and built their fires long before the ceremony started.

This was corroborated by Conquistadors, biographies publishes in Spain years later, accounts in Vatican archives and many other places.

It was believed the population came into circumstances where this was their only source of protein. Their population surged and their ability to cultivate domesticated animals never really advanced.