Sunday, February 17, 2013

Been Saying This For Decades

Nobody has listened. I think most people never understood what I was talking about, period.

It is a hell of a thing to be admitting to the damage that fluoride does at this stage of history. With America eclipsed by China and the United States fading rapidly from relevance on the pages of history, does any of this post-game analysis really do anyone any good? Of course fluoride makes you stupid. It is too late for the people of the Kwanstain to do anything about it. They and their children are all morons and have been for generations. There is no policy initiative that is going to reverse any of this. It was no accident about fluoride and corn syrup. The elites like it that way. The brutish untermenschen of the 'Stain have no options left to them other than to grunt and wail a little but there is no going back. The damage done to the human brain by fluoride is probably not reversible.

We're not talking about a lost generation. We're talking a lost century. Nothing is going to fix any of this. What has unraveled in this way cannot be easily restored. A millennium of wisdom stored in the Western tradition has been wiped away. The people of the 'Stain might as well have been raised by wolves for all the reform they are capable of at this point in their lives or even their children's lives.

Of course there are exceptions. There are pockets of intelligence scattered around to this day in the U.S. but they are the exception that proves the rule. The rule is people who have largely descended to the level of beasts. These critters are not going to be walking on the moon again. They don't have that in them anymore. I see them covered in ashes and sackcloth, picking with their ape-like fingers through the ruins and trying to pronounce the words in books none of them will ever be able to read. The Kwanstain is already a post-apocalyptic nation.


Lugh said...

Check out The Old Negro Space Program, a Film not by Ken Burns.

DunMor Permaculture said...

commentary on neolithic dental health. some gems in here.

KW Jackson said...

This is a great example.

It's because they were police officers. Where's a Belgian, one of the worst NWO nations in the world, going to get a hold of a machine gun?

Publius said...

I recently got off fluoride by installing an RO filter.
I did it because I read the study showing that fluoride in the water increases the incidence of bone cancer in boys age 6-12 or so. I have a son in that age range, so it was a no brainer.

Within 2 weeks or less I noticed that my mental acuity, emotional stability and a host of other mental and emotional, and even physical, attributes of my health had improved. And it's only getting better as time goes on.

I was shocked. I am sure some of the damage is permanent, but I can attest from personal experience that it is at least partly reversible. I am pissed off as hell about the lost years and horrible damage it did to my brain, but I am hopeful about the future, and am glad I have saved my offspring from this poison.

Publius said...

I came up with a name for what I believe had happened to me over decades. I am sure I am not the first one to come up with this phrase:

I was being given a chemical lobotomy.

The effects probably start small (and early). Around the time I was 21, I suddenly lost the ability to focus, became depressed, etc. It just got worse.

I tried everything: exercise, diet... that stuff helped a bit, but just didn't get me to where I was trying to go: that feeling I had as a young teen, when my mind could actually think, and I felt good physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Considering what I was receiving through the water, I am surprised I have been able to do as well as I did. But I am also probably more sensitive than most to the effects, because not everyone seems to be afflicted with the symptoms I had.

Anyway, I am going to experiment with certain supplements, diet (more paleo) etc. to try to heal. The newly reacquired ability to think, plan, and execute, though, is amazing. I am ecstatic. And pissed off at the damage done, the wasted time and efforts. But best to focus on the future, right?

Thanks again for your eccentric and interesting blog.