Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All Civilizations End This Way

Sanskrit writings by the Vedantics authored at least 9000 years ago describe the exact same terminations of their own societies in the exact same way.

If you do not learn anything from history you can never really be considered to exert any control over your own destiny. You are like one of those little metal toys that travel along a little rail when wound up. You are genetic clockworks that imitates life.

To learn anything from history is to begin to have some real control over your life. Learning from your own mistakes and resolving to do better next time in spite of your habits is certainly some degree of real control however modest.

The bulk of mankind are biological automatons, no more capable of changing their fates or their actions than any animal.

Funny that how it came on the agenda in all Western nations at the same time with the same arguments and the same funding with the same urgency. Funny that. The exact same media blitz orchestrated worldwide costing billions. Funny that. Suddenly a new political opinion was manufactured, deployed and implemented all top-down. The Saps fell in line with the new policy like androids just given new firmware.


iese_83 said...

I don´t understand why you are against ´gays´ or gay-marriage. But anyway, though you might like this ;

Garry Joe said...

Sarkozy Calls For WHITE GENOCIDE!

Don't believe it? They translate his words for us. He is saying force must be used against Whites.

njartist said...

@ Gary
Thanks for the link to Sarkozy. Not only is he a genocidal bastard; he is also obsequious to the ethnic group which he considers his masters. Is Sarkozy a marrano Jew.

This universal hatred of the white race appears to exceed the interracial animosity of the others: is this an indicator of the special creation of the white race - the Adamic race?

BTW Gary: your link to Sarkozy led to other links to the series "Dumber than a White anti-White."

Garry Joe said...

'Sorceress' burned alive in Papua New Guinea

styrac said...

Just sabotage heterosexual marriage, and depopulation will follow:

Genocidal ghoul says they're getting very little opposition anyway:

massive population reduction and de-industrialization are top priorities of the elites:

Garry Joe said...

@njartist said...
I have no clue if he is Jewish or not, but what I do know for sure, is the bastard is anti-White and we can nail him, based on what he said in that video.

Heaven help those creeps, if a sympathetic judge ever gets to hear the White Genocide case.

styrac said...

"Funny that how it came on the agenda in all Western nations at the same time with the same arguments and the same funding with the same urgency."

Ha! For the perplexed who are wondering why such an agenda can become the norm and be accepted so easily, this guy offers an intriguing answer as to why homosexuals infiltrated all governing institutions in the west:
(from 8:48 to end of video)