Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wretched Little Man Gets His Ass Handed To Him In A Bag During His Own Interview

They cut away before this effete Briton began to cry

Alex Jones refused to follow this little poofter's script and screamed him down the entire segment. It was awesome and so overdue.

Take a hint, Piers. Time to go back to that third world sewer you have the gall to call a country. GTFO.

My ancestors left your ancestors behind in that toilet a couple centuries ago because we just wanted to get away from you. Stop following others around. It is time for Piers Morgan to crawl back into that socialist rat's nest with his own kind and suffer under the regime he helped create. Piers Morgan himself fled to get out of the hacking scandal so technically he should be extradited back to fair England for trial.

These dirty bastards are bereft of any human feeling whatsoever and that is why somebody as passionate as Alex Jones is so disturbing to them.  These reptiles have no convictions about anything and that is why they are going to lose in the long term. It is the short term that they have the capacity to do so much damage to any nation they curse with their presence.


Garry Joe said...

Alex did very well!

What people have to understand is Piers is not a journalist. He is not a reporter of the news, there is no such animal in the mainstream media.

Piers and his kind are Political Activists for billionaire globalists, because they pay their salaries.

"Mainstream Media News" is just Political Activism for billionaires.

I haven't watched the TV news in years and I immediately felt better when I stopped.

Everything these people want is against our interest.

Garry Joe said...

Utah Town Makes Arming Households a Top Priority

Garry Joe said...

Manager Of FPS Russia Murdered: Pro-Gun YouTube Channel Was 3rd Most Popular YouTube Channel

Garry Joe said...

Thought you guys might be interested in this video, since bows are legal in most gun banner countries

Archery - Fast Shooting

Looks like the speed increase comes from turning the string hand upside down.