Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Academics Always Go Straight To The Top Of The Roster

They sell their offices in exchange for favor with power.

This is why intellectuals have always been the first people lined up in front of the firing squads. They prostitute themselves to the ruling elite to give a quasi-legitimate sound to whatever arbitrary notion the government decides they want to pursue that week. They are handmaidens to psychopaths and they never contradict. This is why they get no respect from anybody.

One law for thee ... another for me. Some animals are more equal than others.These are special people whose lives count for more than yours does, you see. This is what psychopaths and sociopaths actually believe.

They can fly over your airspace in a military exercise firing their guns anytime they want to in clear flagrant violation of Posse Comitatus. So you need to quit imposing your old dirty piece of hemp paper onto them, it doesn't apply any longer because they have a big chopper and a machine gun. You can't be trusted with any of these things lest you act irresponsibly.

President of Iceland breaks through the academic-supported hologram reality and tells people there is clean air and a better world on the other side.

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