Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Media Is Controlling Your Reality

If you want to know what is happening in the real world far away from the schizophrenic madness of "globowarmthinkery" look at the photo on the bottom of this page.

End of January, half the planet is covered in snow and ice above the equator. That photo is starting to look like previous Ice Ages.

The article above is also very supportive of theories by Robert Felix that previous Ice Ages may have extinguished species by literally burying them alive overnight.

The thing about snow is that it is expanded, not contracted, water. The atmosphere is composed of water vapor. So there is really no arbitrary limit on how much snow can fall in 24 hours. Robert Felix claims there is documented proof that up to seven stories of snow (and more) has fallen in a single night. If that happened in the United States it could kill 100 million people in one day in a single, grisly silent snowfall without warning.

If you've been reading Vault-Co I am sure you are familiar with numerous recent stories of teams of clowns dispatched to the north and south poles to document "warming" effects and then needing emergency rescues from bitter cold they came utterly unprepared for.

This Ice Age business is a kind of wrapper around Vault-Co that has provided the ongoing theme for the past ten years. We were right. Itz coming. It was obvious ten years ago if you were good at paying attention to the signs. Lots of people like to imagine for the sake of their vanity they are perceptive but it in fact is a very rare trait, like winning a lottery ticket. Where it does appear, it is a genetic leftover from the ancient past.


Jack Black said...

Tex, I need to leave CA, but given the changes to the planet I'm not sure where to move to. Mexico is beginning to look like a good option over the bullshit I see everyday in this state. I was thinking oregon, but given how close it was to the last glaciers, that might be a bad idea.

KW Jackson said...

Posted here because it's the closest on topic - even though I'm preaching to the converted.

Notice that when it's a "problem" the diversity goes out the window.

iese_83 said...

Even to a Finn, those pics from the junkyard them Ruskies call a country are quite something. Looking at them even a cat (probably) understand the real meaning of : Ice Age. It´s gonna be a bit hairy.