Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Dogs of Atlantis

For those of you who have not figured it out yet, these are domesticated animals that escaped back into the wild at some point, just as the cheetah did.

With sonar and collective communication, they would have been invaluable at flushing schools of fish for men into nets and then sharing in the haul, just as sheep dogs assist in moving cattle inside pens.

They know so much about humans, the same way that common house dogs do. Where'd they learn all this from? It goes way beyond their unnaturally high native intelligence.

There are too many animals on this planet who seem to recognize us on sight. Wild breeds don't act this way at all.

The "domestication wars" are running very hot in anthropology right now. Despite clear evidence that dogs were first domesticated 250,000 years ago in Europe by Neanderthals, professional obscurantists and misinformation peddlers continue to cultivate other impressions. Basically, whoever domesticated the dog almost certainly domesticated all the other major breeds as well, making that race of men clearly the dominant species of hominid responsible for securing Europe as a safe place to live. Once the wall of silence breaks down and they start to concede Neanderthals all these key points, it leads inevitably to the recognition that Homo Sapiens is a pretty slack excuse for a biped, essentially famous for nothing much outside of rape, genocide and cannibalism. Pretty big stakes here with the essentially vain and futile premises of Sapiens reality at risk of being completely annihilated.


Michelle said...

Good vid about energy from space and climate change.

iese_83 said...

Hahaa, "dogs of Atlantis" cool description of Dolphins. It´s almost impossible not to like them, like Penguins too, and of course my fav. the cat !.(cat isn´t domesticated really, it´s basically a mini-lion.). But why ?!. Why there is a miniatyr lion on this planet !?. Them ancient ´Gyptians´already loved cats, perhaps we shrunk them aeons ago.

Chris from Sydney said...

Nothing to see here, keep moving, there's more grain in the trough further along. The guiderail is there to make sure you find the next grain trough....

And people still want to believe in globowarm cult.

Garry Joe said...

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JeffreyJerpp said...

Relevant story: Was in Florida coaching rowing recently. We practiced in a bay that adjoined an undeveloped mangrove swamp, and nearly every time we were there, dolphins would appear. I thought, initially, they were attracted by my boat (they flanked it to ride the slipstream, jumping out of the water behind me occasionally), but then, when they approached the boats I was coaching, I realized they were probably attracted by something else- the sound of the athletes voices. Similar to how a dog might leap on someone it was just meeting, the dolphins swam up to the rowing shells and, on multiple occasions, leapt up towards the athletes causing much amusement and alarm among the college age women I was coaching. Pretty insightful analysis on your end, Tex.

That said, there is an apparent behavioral consistency in creatures of all kinds that are in or near to the native intelligence bandwidth of dolphins-