Friday, January 11, 2013

The Beauty of Rousseau's Unspoiled Nature & The Natural Uncorrupted State of Man

All leftists base their entire paradigm on it. It forms the core of their philosophy in regards to everything from Marxism to Collectivism.

Nowadays I recognize it for what it is - what rushes in to fill the vacuum  left behind where the amygdala of the brain is supposed to go.

If you can't recognize threats in the environment, how do you cope with fear? You can't. You are at the mercy of everything around you. So you retreat into a fantasy world where you tell yourself the natural world was a harmless, edenic, sylvan place before all those evil (healthy amygdala) people started to warn you about possible hazards and dangers of things you yourself cannot perceive. It is all the fault of people who are normal, therefore normality must be waged war upon.


Garry Joe said...

Is that where they claim animals have no hierarchies and animals have no territory?

Have these idiots ever watched a nature documentary? lol

Beavis Butheed said...

This is a straw man of leftist thinking. Whether leftism is the proper response to the natural state of life is another matter, but you misrepresent or at least overly generalize the basis of leftist reasoning here. All, and probably most, leftists don't operate on such Romantic ideas of man and nature.