Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sun Down For Maintenance - Should Be Back Up In 150 Years or Thereabouts

Until then, see if you can feed 7 billion mouths on a planet with no harvest season and no rainfall.

Just keep repeating to yourself "The Planet is Globally Warming" and remember it is only cooling in local readings for each region of the planet.

This will work itself out. I have a feeling it will blow right over at some point.

A round of rainbow stew and moonbeam caviar for all on Vault-Co!

The great thing about mankind is that they have their own special approach to solving crisis situations. They kill each other off in enough warfare until there is nobody left to complain about things. Sure, it's a crude approach but you can't knock the results. The sound of silence after the war exhausts itself is legendary.


Anonymous said...

OT: Happy new year Tex. One request: it would be great if you could set up one RSS feed for all the comments. Thanks in advance.

iese_83 said...

I wish the Sun would be online again, soon !!. I already miss the Holoscene. I have also noticed some new features around me, there is something missing the "Ether" would have been taken away from all around. There is ..something less in everything, the ambience, for one is missing. If i have to spend my whole life in this new atmosphere, im gonna have bad time. (Vitamin D is noteworthy too, nowadays).

hitfan said...

China has record low temperatures where their coastal ships are trapped in ice

hitfan said...

Cash for clunkers, which was done in the name of protecting the environment, actually hurt it.