Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Panspermia : Fred Hoyle Was Right

The majority are always wrong. Hoyle was right.

You show me a "scientist" nowadays, I'll show you a fraud.

Hoyle was right about everything. They owe him a half dozen Nobel Prizes or thereabouts, even if they are posthumous. The man was far ahead of his time.

Fred Hoyle was one of the last great astrophysicists before the whole field became a huge joke. Oy vey, a nice living, itz. Astrophysics turned into a bizarre blend of religion, hyperbole and voodoo by the 1970's, with  the field dominated by men who were not good enough to shine Fred Hoyle's boots. The man was one of those once-a-century brains like Linus Pauling. He was surrounded by morons his whole life who couldn't even be bothered to try to understand what he was actually saying. I know the feeling.


Chris from Sydney said...

'The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) studied the effects of the Pandemrix vaccine in eight European countries after higher incidences of narcolepsy were reported among children given the vaccine during the 2009-2010 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, AFP reports.

Sweden and Finland have both seen a rise in the sleep condition since the vaccine was first used on children. The governments of both countries stressed their citizens were vaccinated with Pandemrix, which was the only vaccine used in both countries at the time.

In Sweden, nearly 200 children aged four to 19, developed narcolepsy after receiving the vaccine during that period, while in Finland the number was 79.'

From memory that was at the same time the German government used one manufacturer to vacinate politicians, and another to do everyone else.
Tex was right...again

Garry Joe said...

The Death Throes of the United States.

styrac said...

China delivers harsh rebuke of Australian-US military ties