Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Society Worships Monsters As Heroes

It is not a civilization when you glorify murderers, madmen and baby killers.

You'd think these idiots had thrown themselves on a live grenade to protect their friends. What you have here is a collection of incredible scumbags.

Remember, no matter how much you may hate these people, God hates them a lot more than you do and he doesn't forget. Children survive early deliveries in the third trimester all the time.

I was speaking to a man with children about Nelson Mandela the other day and asked him if he thought it was a good idea to idolize men who organized bombs on schoolbuses and killed dozens of children deliberately for political reasons. I wanted to know if Nelson was a hero as long as he was killing the kids of strangers he had never met. He just stared at me like the circuits in his brain had fried.

All of the elite are death cultists determined to eliminate their "enemy" which is mankind.

Society needs this kind of gangsta cut down in the prime of his life  to deface our public infrastructure. We need other young men to fill his shoes and take up this noble work where he left off.

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